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Church honors veterans’ stories of valor

On Oct. 15, 2009, Diane Styer became a member of a club no mother wants to join.
That was the day her 19-year-old son Brandon was killed when the truck he was driving in an Army convoy in Afghanistan struck an IED, an improvised explosive device. At his funeral, a woman slipped a card in her hand about the American Gold Star Mothers Organization for mothers who have lost a child in the war.
She didn’t know on that day how much it would help her to be part of a community that really did understand her grief.
First United Methodist Church of Lancaster, Pa., was also a source of support and comfort in those difficult first days and years.
“The night we found out Brandon was killed … the minister from this church, even though we weren’t members at the time, called me,” she said. The church also opened its doors for Brandon’s funeral, and more than 800 people attended.
“They just showed us Christ’s love through their actions,” she said.
Three years later, when Veterans Day landed on a Sunday, Styer wanted to share her pride in her son with her church family. The Rev. J. William Lentz Jr. agreed, and Lou Riedlinger — a veteran of World War II and the Korean War, and the leader of the church’s Armed Services Support Ministry — took charge.
Riedlinger, Styer and others in the church started organizing and announced there was to be a large display in the church on Nov. 11 with photos from anyone who was or had been in the military.
During the worship service, the Red Rose Honor Guard performed the ceremony of the folding of the flag and presented it to the Styers.

84 stories of valor

Karen Senkowski, a part-time church staff member who helped organize the event, said the congregation was asked to submit pictures and stories of themselves or family members in military service.  “So, we collected all the stories, typed them up and we put them up for display today,” she said.
First United Methodist Church was founded in 1803, so it has a long history of ministering to veterans who served the military dating back to the Revolutionary War, Riedlinger said. People brought in 84 photos that represented veterans from the Civil War to the Afghanistan war.


WEEK OF PRAYER: BE His hands, His voice

RICHMOND, Va. (BP) -- Nepalese pastors brave threats and bombs to see Christ's name glorified in the Himalayas. Believers in West Africa bury a Christian woman, uniting in a strong witness to the Songhai community that refused her a proper burial.


53% of Democrats Have a Positive View of Socialism, Gallup Poll Claims

A Gallup survey released this week is sure to spark some partisan debate. The post-election study found that more than half of Democrats and left-leaning Americans (53 percent) have a positive view of socialism. This is almost identical to the proportion of left-of-center individuals who respond favorably to capitalism (55 percent).
These findings are particularly striking, especially when compared to Republicans’ views on these economic systems. While 72 percent of right-of-center Americans have a favorable opinion of capitalism, only 23 percent share similar sentiments when it comes to socialism.
Many Republicans have dubbed modern-day Democrats “socialists,” a title that is often-times rejected by liberal Americans. While 53 percent certainly doesn’t constitute the entire party, it’s likely that these results will ignite further controversy and renewed claims that liberal Americans have a greater penchant for embracing income redistribution and socialistic tendencies.



Gallup: More Than Half of Democrats Have Positive View of Socialism

School Forces Child to Remove ‘God’ From Veteran’s Day Poem: ‘Separation of Church & State’

West Marion Elementary School in Marion, North Carolina, is at the center of controversy after educators ordered a six-year-old girl to remove the word “God” from a poem she was slated to deliver at a Veteran’s Day event. The first grader intended to use the opportunity to honor her two grandfathers who fought during the Vietnam War.
The contentious line that led the school to take action was, “He prayed to God for peace, he prayed to God for strength” — clearly a reference to her relatives’ personal, wartime invocations. After a parent allegedly heard of the inclusion of a higher power, he or she complained. The school, apparently working diligently to balance church versus state concerns, then decided to tell the child to remove the line.
“The discussion [about the poem] occurred between myself, the principal and the assistant principal at West Marion,” Superintendent Gerri Martin told McDowell News. “We wanted to make sure we were upholding the school district’s responsibility of separation of church and state from the Establishment Clause.”


Top 10 High & Low Unemployment Cities in America

Here are the 10 cities with the highest unemployment as of Oct. 2012:
  1. Yuma, Ariz. 29.8
  2. El Centro, Calif. 28.1
  3. Yuba City, Calif. 15.3
  4. Merced, Calif. 14.7
  5. Visalia-Porterville, Calif. 14.4
  6. Modesto, Calif. 13.9
  7. Fresno, Calif. 13.9
  8. Hanford-Corcoran, Calif. 13.9
  9. Stockton, Calif. 13.6
  10. Vineland-Millville-Bridgeton, N.J. 13.3
Lowest unemployment rates as of Oct. 2012:
  1. Bismarck, N.D. 2.2
  2. Fargo, N.D. 2.8
  3. Grand Forks, N.D. 3.1
  4. Lincoln, Neb. 3.2
  5. Midland, Texas 3.3
  6. Iowa City, Iowa 3.4
  7. Ames, Iowa 3.4
  8. Sioux Falls, S.D. 3.7
  9. Burlington-South Burlington, Vt. 3.8
  10. Logan, Utah 3.8

French Socialist on Business Move: What’s the Big Deal? We’re Just Doing What Obama Does

Thursday, November 29, 2012

WORLD AIDS DAY: Boy survives with World Hunger Fund help

New owners of Family Christian Stores commit 100% of profits to Christian ministry

Family Christian, the nation’s largest Christian retail chain with 280 stores in 36 states, has announced that its management team and three Atlanta-based Christian businessmen have purchased the company. Family Christian is an important vendor of Wesleyan Publishing House products.
Previously, Family Christian had a policy of donating 10% of its profits to Christian charities. Under the new ownership, Family Christian’s pledge will be to donate 100% of its profits. Family Christian’s central mission has always been to provide ministry resources for Christian communities. The new owners and policies open the door for even greater impact, providing greater financial support for Kingdom causes, especially ministries serving widows and orphans in the U.S. and overseas.
“The management team and our investors are buying Family Christian because of our shared belief that the company is uniquely positioned to be both a best-in-class Christian retailer and also significant source of financial support to help those in need,” said Cliff Bartow, President and CEO of Family Christian. “We believe it’s the providence and sovereignty of God that we have met and now partner with our new co-owners, who share our passion and calling to Christian giving.”


Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer Says God Comes Before Family and Work

ahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has outlined her main priorities in life in her first public interview since taking charge of the corporation, saying: "I think that for me, it's God, family and Yahoo – in that order."

While Mayer has not publicly discussed her personal faith, at the Fortune Most Powerful Women event in Palo Alto, Calif., on Tuesday night, the Yahoo CEO referenced Vince Lombardi, the legendary football coach of the Green Bay Packers whose Catholic faith played a prominent role in his life, as the inspiration behind the quote.

Mayer was appointed as Yahoo CEO in July after leaving Google, Inc.. which has led to a 19 percent jump in the company's stock. She is currently the youngest CEO of a Fortune 500 company.
Yahoo has over 700 million users and delivers news and sports stories, and also provides email service.

"Yahoo is a really fun place to work. I love the people there, I love the spirit of the place," Mayer said during Tuesday's event.

The 37-year-old executive gave birth to a baby boy in late September, one week before her due date. The fact that she was six months pregnant when she was appointed as Yahoo's CEO made headlines around the world.

Hurricane Sandy Unites New NYC Churches

The night after Hurricane Sandy made landfall, New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg tweeted that it was "maybe the worst #NYC has experienced."
The November 12 cover of New York magazine told the story: Most of the lower part of Manhattan, shaped like a bent elbow in a sling, looked like it had been dipped in ink; the upper part of the island still had light. Suddenly, the global center had become a place of haves and have-nots. Those of us who still had electricity, cell power, and internet connectivity gawked at photos online of cars in the East Village, submerged from a 14-foot surge from New York Harbor.
"Wait a minute!" we told ourselves, "This is New York!" While 9/11 shocked and devastated us, some of us could interpret that act of spectacular terror as legitimizing the City's exceptionalism. Hurricane Sandy, on the other hand, made us realize we were just another target of a mindless weather pattern.
That night, a little past midnight, as the storm swished its lizard's tail along the Jersey Shore and around greater New York, Trinity Grace East Village pastor Guy Wasko e-mailed colleagues and friends on Manhattan's Lower East Side:

Terry Jones, Florida Pastor, Sentenced To Death In Egypt Over Anti-Islam Film Along With 7 Coptic Christians

Judge: School Can't Expel Student over RFID Badge

Authentic Christian Leadership Conference to be Held in Anaheim, April 30 - May 2, 2013

SAN CLEMENTE, Calif., Nov. 29, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- Christian Leadership Alliance (CLA) will host its 2013 national conference in Anaheim, Calif., April 30 - May 2, 2013. The conference theme is "The Authentic Leader." Christian leaders from across the nation and world will be in attendance.

"The CLA conference in Anaheim is designed to equip and transform the hearts and minds of today's Christian leaders," said Tami Heim, CLA president and CEO. "Our in-depth leadership training, dynamic keynote speakers and innovative leadership forums will offer insights into how we can lead wisely and authentically as we represent Christ in today's world."

Christian leaders are invited to attend the CLA National Conference which will feature more than 100 workshops and full-day seminars in eight nonprofit leadership tracks: executive leadership, resource development, communications/marketing, Internet/technology, financial management, people management and care, board governance and legal/tax issues.

The CLA National Conference also features full-day forums for Christian Women in Leadership, CEO's/President/Executive Directors, and Next Generation Leaders. Conference speakers will include Pat Lencioni, Dr. Henry Cloud, Dr. John Townsend, Wess Stafford, Shaunti Feldhahn, Dr. Leighton Ford, Ellie Lofaro, Tim Elmore, Phyllis Hendry and many more.

CLA provides lifelong learning resources for Christian leaders through conferences, academies, online learning, webcasts, books, magazines and more. CLA represents individuals from thousands of organizations nationwide including well-known nonprofits such as World Vision, Compassion International, The Salvation Army, CRU, The Navigators, American Bible Society and many more.

Register or learn more (

Christian Leadership Alliance (CLA) is a national association of leaders from Christian nonprofit ministries and businesses across the United States. CLA unites, trains, and equips Christian leaders to think higher for greater kingdom gain. To learn more visit or

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Let This Viral Picture of an NYPD Cop Giving a Homeless Man Winter Boots Restore Your Faith in Humanity

Facebook Picture of NYPD Officer Lawrence DePrimo Giving a Homeless Man Boots Goes Viral
NYPD officer Lawrence DePrimo purchased boots for this homeless man who had blisters on his feet. (Image: NYPD Facebook)
The cellphone photo of Officer Lawrence DePrimo, snapped by Jennifer Foster of Florence, Ariz., on Nov. 14, has been made it onto news sites and blogs around the world. The photo posted on the NYPD’s official Facebook page has been liked more than 315,000 times and shared more than 74,000 times. According to the New York Times, as of Wednesday evening it had been viewed by more than 1.6 million people.


Chinese Christian Who Helped Hundreds of North Koreans Escape Unable to Get Political Refugee Status from UN

BANGKOK, Thailand, Nov. 29, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- A Chinese Christian who helped hundreds of North Koreans escape to Thailand and then was forced to escape there himself has been waiting for two years for the United Nations to grant him political asylum.

ChinaAid recently received Tu Ai-rong's video appeal for help. In the video below, he tells his story of how he helped 300 to 400 North Koreans escape from the city of Kunming in southwest China's Yunnan province to neighboring Thailand. When China's state security discovered what he was doing, Tu was arrested, sentenced to three years' imprisonment and fined $30,000. He was abused while in prison, and continued to be threatened by government agents after his release. Six month later, in 2009, he fled to Cambodia and Laos. In October 2010, he arrived in Thailand where he applied to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees for political asylum.

Video: Tu Ai-rong's appeal for help

Not only has Tu been waiting in vain for the past two years for political asylum, his situation has become even more grave because the Chinese government has issued a warrant for his arrest. Tu could face a 20-year prison term if he were arrested again by the Chinese authorities. Meanwhile, his family has had to rely on the Korean church for help and face a precarious future.

ChinaAid urges the UNHCR, to approve as soon as possible, Tu's application for international refugee asylum status for him and his family because they meet the requirements for political refugee status. At the same time, ChinaAid calls on the international community, especially the Korean church, to come to the aid of Tu and his family, either by supporting his case or providing much-needed financial assistance.

To advocate for Tu and his family, contact the UNHCR via

To provide financial assistance, contact ChinaAid. 

Contact: Bob Fu,

Mark Shan,
News Analyst,
267-205-5210 cell;;

LA Office:
Eddie Romero,

In 2009, ChinaAid reported on the 10-year sentence given to two Chinese Christians who had helped North Koreans escape. See the report here:

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Four home, one to go: Texas missionaries’ quintuplets improving after premature arrival in Dallas

Staff Writer
Published: 23 November 2012 09:53 PM 

They’re getting by with a lot of help from their friends.
That’s how Carrie and Gavin Jones sum up their life since the missionaries’ quintuplets were born more than three months ago at UT Southwestern Medical Center.
“It’s been quite a road,” Carrie Jones said this week as she prepared to bring the fourth of the premature newborns home from the hospital. “But God has been very faithful.”
The infants, born on Aug. 9, are not out of the woods yet, doctors say. But all the babies are gaining weight and steadily overcoming issues commonly associated with preemies, including respiratory and digestive problems.
They weighed 1 pound, 12 ounces to 2 pounds at birth. But now, the smallest quintuplet, Grace, weighs 7 pounds, and the biggest, Will, tops the scale at 10 pounds, 6 ounces.
Only one, Seth, remains hospitalized in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Children’s Medical Center Dallas, where his persistent breathing troubles are being treated. He now weighs 8 pounds, 3 ounces.
“He’s doing a ton better,” Carrie Jones said, “but it’s still a long row to hoe.”
The quintuplets were among the first born in the U.S. this year and the first ever at St. Paul University Hospital, a part of UT Southwestern. The medical team quickly grew close to the Jones family.
“The nurses have bonded with them,” said Dr. Gary Burgess, medical director of St. Paul’s neonatal ICU. “It’s been great.”
Charting the progress of the quintuplets has been “a wonderful experiment,” too, Burgess said.
“I think they’re doing very well,” he said.



Revival Hits Los Angeles Like Tidal Wave with Evangelist Verna Linzey Sunday Night

PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 26, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- A daughter of the Azusa Street Revival and Mission, 93-year-old evangelist, Dr. Verna Linzey, preached on the baptism with the Holy Spirit at another revival and mission in Los Angeles called Global Covenant Church, where a new move of the Holy Spirit erupted. An awakening occurred and five Filipinos and Americans burst into speaking in tongues as the Holy Spirit moved and gave them utterance while Verna Linzey was ministering on the stage. The mission is pastored by a Japanese woman, Rev. Alice Tanaka.
Photo: 93-year-old Evangelist Verna Linzey ministering in Los Angeles mission Sunday
This was the third time the mission invited Rev. Linzey to speak. The services are characterized by a lack of structure an earnest quest for an encounter with the Holy Spirit as those who arrive at any hour seek the Holy Spirit. The services go on for up to 3 hours as they wait on the Spirit.
Tonight, Verna Linzey did not characterize Pentecostal poverty of 100 years ago. Instead, wearing a lavish white dress, as characteristic of other prominent female television evangelists Amie Semple McPherson and Kathryn Kuhlman, with rhinestones around the collar and cuffs and matching ear rings, and flaming red hair like that of Lucille Ball who was involved in the Charismatic Movement, Verna Linzey epitomized the glitz and glamour of well-to-do modern Pentecostals. Verna herself came from notoriety out of Coffeyville, Kansas, the state giving rise to the Pentecostal Movement. Her uncle William Hall was a prominent doctor and businessman laying the foundation of the future of Coffeyville.
The revival tonight was sparsely attended by about 30 people a-thirst for an intimate spiritual encounter with God. Pentecostal outpourings are characterized by the unpredictable. Historically, these are the kinds of spiritual climates where spiritual sparks are ignited by a combination of humility, openness to the Holy Spirit, and leaving time constraints outside the church door upon entering. "This is a new beginning," said Rev. Tanaka.
Verna Linzey, one of Pentecostalism's leading television evangelists and writers on glossolalia, is a tremendous contributor to the Pentecostal Movement. She authored the widely-read book "The Baptism with the Holy Spirit," "Spirit Baptism: Understanding Pentecostal Theology," and is co-editor of "Baptism in the Spirit" with her son Evangelist Jim Linzey.

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New Movie from Producers of '180'

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 26, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- Ray Comfort, the producer of the award-winning "180" has made a new movie that is simply called "Genius." Comfort said, "After '180' was viewed by millions, we kept being asked if we were going to make something similar. I wasn't too enthusiastic because I didn't think we could top it. But now that we have finished "Genius," I think it will be much bigger, because of the unique subject matter."
"Genius" gives insight into the life of John Lennon, and according to Ken Mansfield (the ex-U.S. Apple manager for the Beatles) "[It] will open your eyes." Reviewers of the pre-release are giving it two thumbs up. Best-selling author, Randy Alcorn, said it is "Fast-paced, thought-provoking and compelling." World Net Daily's Joseph Farah responded with, "You have outdone yourself!" while Ted Baehr of Movieguide called it "An entertaining and challenging and wonder."
Comfort, added that he was amazed to discover that the Beatles aren't simply a rock group from a by-gone era, but that they are appealing to a new generation. "They have sold more than 2,303,500,000 record albums, and in June of 2012 they hit number one on iTunes." Many believe that John Lennon was a musical genius, "But" Comfort noted, "'Genius' goes deeper than just looking at the brilliance of the murdered singer. It reveals the chilling reality that we are surrounded by people who would kill for money." It will be released on December 7th to coincide with the Dec 8th anniversary of John Lennon's death. The one-minute trailer can be seen on

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'12 Gifts of Christmas' Cinematic Event Celebrates Christmas with Song, Stories and Comedy

NCM® Fathom Events, 12 Gifts and New Life Present Holiday Celebration in Select Movie Theaters Nationwide on Tuesday, Dec. 11
CENTENNIAL, Colo., Nov. 26, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- This holiday season NCM® Fathom Events, 12 Gifts and New Life bring the meaning, the magic and the music of Christmas to life with "12 Gifts of Christmas," a one-night cinematic event on Tuesday, Dec. 11 at 7:30 p.m. local time. Hosted by Lisa Whelchel of CBS' "Survivor: Philippines" and "The Facts of Life," the event features special musical performances from Grammy® award-winning artists Steven Curtis Chapman and Laura Story as well as personal and inspirational stories from speakers Patsy Clairmont, Luci Swindoll, Marilyn Meberg, Mary Beth Chapman and comedienne Anita Renfroe. Illusionist Harris III will also demonstrate the magic of Christmas, taking audiences on a magical journey as he transforms the setting into a holiday wonderland. The event is pre-recorded live from the 12 Gifts of Christmas Tour stops in St. Louis and Tulsa, Okla. on Dec. 1 and 2, respectively.
Tickets for "12 Gifts of Christmas" are available at participating theater box offices and online at For a complete list of theater locations and prices, visit the NCM Fathom Events website (theaters and participants are subject to change). The event will be broadcast to nearly 600 select movie theaters across the country through NCM's exclusive Digital Broadcast Network.
"The '12 Gifts of Christmas' tour is truly going to be a fun and faith-filled event for the whole family," said Whelchel. "I will be hosting this evening and my hope is that it will launch the festivities of your holiday and ground them in the celebration of the birth of Christ. Gather your whole family and enjoy the show."
Presented by NCM Fathom Events, 12 Gifts and New Life, "12 Gifts of Christmas" uniquely tells the story of Christmas in a variety of ways while entertaining, teaching and engaging the entire family, from toddlers to grandparents. Audiences will leave this special in-theater event feeling inspired and reminded of the true meaning of Christmas and all of its incredible gifts.
"'12 Gifts of Christmas' will bring families together in movie theaters across the country as they celebrate the Christmas season," said Shelly Maxwell, executive vice president of NCM Fathom Events. "Story-tellers, award-winning musicians, a comic sensation and a master illusionist help bring the wonder of the season to life during this special event."
12 Gifts launches its first tour on Nov. 29 in Omaha, Neb. with "12 Gifts of Christmas." The 12-city tour will continue through Dec. 16 with stops in Atlanta, Denver, Wichita, Kan., Baltimore and Greensboro, N.C.

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Ohio Senate puts end to 'heartbeat' abortion bill - Washington Times

Ohio Senate puts end to 'heartbeat' abortion bill - Washington Times

Faith Organizations to Apply for Permit to Set Up 'Live Nativity Display' in Santa Monica's Palisades Park

SANTA MONICA, Calif., Nov. 28, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- Recently Santa Monica and the U. S. District Federal Court banned Nativity Scenes and all "unattended displays" in Palisades Park.

However, there are no prohibitions on "Live Nativity Displays."

Photo: The Live Nativity Display in front of the Supreme Court from a past project

The group plans to hold a news conference to discuss their plans on Thursday, November 29 at 2:00 P.M.

The news conference will be in front of Santa Monica City Hall which is located at 1685 Main Street.

The goal of the organizations is to ensure that a Nativity Scene continues to be displayed in Palisades Park after nearly 60 continuous years as well as embracing religious freedom, the First Amendment and the message of Christmas.

The "Live Nativity Display" campaign is being led by the Christian Defense Coalition and Faith and Action which are both based in Washington, D.C. along with local Southern California Christians and pastors.

The effort is being sponsored by "The Nativity Project" which encourages the faith community to display Nativity Scenes in public places across America.

They will be conducting a "Live Nativity Display" in front of the United States Capitol Building and Supreme Court next as well is in New York City in front of the FOX News Studios.

Rev. Patrick J. Mahoney, Director of the Christian Defense Coalition, states;

    "Sadly, we are seeing an erosion of expressions of faith in the public square. This is especially true during the Christmas Season. We must be constantly reminded that the Constitution promises freedom 'of' religion not freedom 'from' religion.

    "After nearly 60 continuous years, it is critical that a Nativity Scene remain in Palisades Park. We must continue to fight for religious freedom and the First Amendment as well as embracing the powerful message of Christmas which is; 'Peace on Earth. Goodwill toward man.'

    "We believe that this 'Live Nativity Display' meets all the requirements of the Santa Monica City Council and the Federal Court."
Jeff White, Youth Pastor of Lake Gregory Community Church, adds;
    "As a youth pastor, I often teach the importance of religious freedom and the need to see those freedoms are protected.

    "By setting up this 'Live Nativity Display' in Palisades Park, we ensure for future generations the right for everyone to express their faith traditions in the public square free from government intimidation or harassment."
For more information or interviews call: Rev. Patrick Mahoney at 540.538.4741

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CEO Goes to the Extreme to Rescue Children

ATLANTA, Nov. 28, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- Extreme Rescuer, the first ever docu-reality series capturing the rescue of children, will premiere December 2 on television media outlets nationwide. Legacy Worldwide, the creative agency behind the project, made the highly anticipated announcement today.

The news arrives in the wake of a life changing business trip for the company's CEO and recognized leader in marketing and development for a number of the globe's most prominent non-profits, Damon Davis. He said that the vision for Extreme Rescuer was first sparked while filming a documentary with Dikembe Mutombo featuring his hand in building the first modern hospital in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Biamba Marie Mutombo Hospital.

"I went with the mindset that I was going to film the documentary, get in and get out," said Davis. "Instead, I found myself rolling up my sleeves and getting involved in a real life rescue." During filming, the Legacy Team encountered Jean Simone, an orphan at a local home for abandoned children who had been badly burned and crippled. His wounds were still open and he had been making brooms to make money to eat. Davis recognized the extreme situation and said that Mutombo plainly stated, "This is why we are here."

"There we were, filming a documentary on a hospital, spending all this money on production and we were surrounded by children who couldn't afford medical care," Davis says. "If you want surgery, you have to bring your own medicine, your own scalpel and by the way, your own doctor," he says describing the standard medical offering for the region. "Oftentimes if they can't afford to pay the bill, families are left with no resolve and the child dies."

Davis and his crew extended their stay and worked with Mutombo to identify a doctor and funded the child's surgery. Jean Simone is now walking and living a normal life.

Following what the team now calls their first rescue was a pivotal meeting between Davis and Carlos Vargas, founder of Hope of Life in Guatemala, an organization that rescues more than 1,000 babies every year. Vargas explained that the cause is too great a feat and the government is doing everything they can but there are some extreme locations and situations that the Vargas can't get to alone and would require help. Davis and his team felt called to the effort.

Davis assembled a team for the mission, calling them Extreme Rescuers and began a dual effort to deliver a force on the ground in Guatemala and develop a team back at home to drive it.

"We knew that Extreme Rescuer would be our first major campaign but needed a parent company for future projects with the same end goals," says the initiative's Marketing Coordinator, Brittani O'Donoghue. "This is when Love Universal was born. The company functions as an umbrella for continued humanitarian efforts."

"No one is doing this," says Davis. "I am the child of four generations of pastors but I am not called to preach. I am called to serve those who do -- to help them expand and reach their goals, but every man must find his own purpose. I am fortunate enough to have time to allocate to my own passion. To get out into the field and fight for the babies who are unable to fight for themselves."

Davis says he has discovered that there are many organizations doing great work around the globe. However, for many reasons these groups aren't able to get to extreme locations and conditions. "My goal is to assemble more teams like the one in Guatemala to join these organizations with the same vision," he said.

The team touched ground September 23.

"We had no script. We really didn't have much planning. We didn't know what we were going to experience and the very night of our arrival, we received the first call," said Davis.

In the following days the Extreme Rescuers would successfully rescue nine children. The team says that the success was bittersweet, leaving them with an eye-opening experience followed by the onset of sleepless nights.

"I had never been that close to death and actually be in a position to do something about it," said Davis, describing the rescue of a twenty-pound 3-year-old. "She was so passed the point of starvation, that life as we know it had left her body. Her arms were hanging by her side. She was skin and bone and I could see her heart beating in her chest. She could barely lift her head and was in so much pain, she could barely even cry."

Briana Thomas, one of the volunteers that joined Davis in Guatemala said that the experience was haunting. "When we lost one of the babies during the rescue, all I could think of was the possibilities if we had been there sooner," she said. "Mothers are forced to pick who gets to eat each day. These babies were in so much agony. I kept wondering how long they had been gasping for air."

The entire Extreme Rescuer team agreed that the trip was just the beginning. Cody Scoggins, a 37-year-old former SWAT and law enforcement officer said, "While flying home, I couldn't stop thinking about all the kids we didn't save. We have to go back. The need is so great."

Davis said before the team returned home, plans and coordination for the docu-reality series began taking shape. He said the entire company was moved by the testimonies and supportive of the initiative that appeared to actualize over night.

When the raw footage reached the corporate offices, O'Donoghue said she was immediately taken with the mission.

"I've watched my own son die in my arms. I gave him CPR in my home and had medicine and an ambulance that reached us within minutes," she said. "I had access to an ER and medical bills that I could pay. I had the right food, the right medicine, vitamins and clothing. I had the help of caregivers and it was still a mess. These people don't have any of that."

Extreme Rescuer focuses on a three-part mission: Save a Life. Sustain a Life. Transform a Life. Once the show premieres, viewers will have the opportunity to call in, text or visit to donate or learn more about becoming a Rescuer. There is a range of different levels of donation from monthly pledges to opportunities to join an actual rescue.

The 30-member Legacy team brings 40 years of experience to the table within the advertising, marketing and broadcasting services sector. The team says the project came naturally and married with their passion for humanitarianism, birthed a mission dedicated to help give a voice to those in need through the power of media.

"Our team was visibly impacted to the core," said O'Donoghue. "We know the marketing business. We have the resources the get the word into homes. We passionately believe that if we build awareness and give people the opportunity to help, they will."

The Extreme Rescuer team says the future of the show and project will hinge on developing partnerships with major humanitarian organizations, corporate sponsors and public donations.

When asked why a white-collar CEO would want to halt business to begin such a huge endeavor, Davis said, "I have fed children. I have been involved in the programs that provided clothing and medical care. I have sat in the soup lines, but nothing drove deeper or affected me more than a baby that is hanging onto the last breath of life."

About Extreme Rescuer:
Extreme Rescuer is a humanitarian movement, dedicated to rescuing impoverished and oppressed children. The docu-reality broadcast follows a team to remote locations and captures the efforts and stories. As a subsidiary campaign under its parent company, Love Universal, the project seeks to join hands with humanitarian communities and organizations to help rescue and improve the lives of children and families in extreme locations and circumstances.

About Love Universal:
Love Universal is a non-profit humanitarian organization dedicated to providing assistance and aid to children and their families worldwide. Established in 2012, the organization's boundless mission includes a global reach into communities seeking support regardless of location, race, faith or economic status. Love Universal focuses on partnerships in both the private and public sector as well as with other humanitarian efforts to ensure the safety and future lives of children.

About Legacy Worldwide, LLC.:
Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, Legacy Worldwide offers high quality advertising and media buying services to ministries and non-profit organizations whose mission is to reach the world with a message of hope and to bring about change in the lives of people, globally, through the power of a vast array of multi-media vehicles. Legacy Worldwide continues a 34-year commitment to aiding in the growth and productivity of ministries and non-profit organizations. For more information, visit

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FREE Christmas Songs from Integrity!

The free tracks are:
"Light Has Come" by Matt Maher and Charlie Hall
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"Joyful Joyful" by Brenton Brown.

To get the songs, all you need to do is register or login to

Christmas Food Court Flash Mob, Hallelujah Chorus

Freedom From Religion Foundation Mocks the Nativity Scene in WI State Capitol

Atheists, clearly agitated that Christians purportedly “stole” various holiday traditions from pagans, have come up with a solution: A potentially-offensive “natural nativity scene” that removes baby Jesus and replaces traditional Bible characters with some eyebrow-raising alternatives. The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) is behind the spectacle, which emerged this week as part of a diorama inside the Wisconsin state capitol.
The angel that typically graces the nativity is replaced with an astronaut. And the wise-men – prominent figures in the Biblical account of Jesus’ birth — are replaced with evolutionary theorist Charles Darwin, scientist Albert Einstein, anarchist Emma Goldman and author Mark Twain. The Statue of Liberty is also placed in the alternative nativity to purportedly symbolize freedom.
FFRF Assembles Alternative Nativity in Wisconsin State Capitol
Photo Credit: Freedom From Religion Foundation
Rather than including Mary, whom the FFRF dismisses as “a mythical fertility figure,” the display includes Venus, the Roman goddess of love. And forget about Joseph — this depiction has Thomas Jefferson, a figure atheist groups enjoy touting for his purported church versus state views. According to the FFRF, Jefferson “would have disavowed Christian devotional scenes on state property.”


College students to help Sandy survivors

EDISON, N.J. (BP) -- College students will have their second opportunity in as many years to use their holiday breaks to minister to disaster survivors in the Northeast as the North American Mission Board is coordinating their deployment to respond in the wake of Hurricane Sandy in New York and New Jersey.

"The opportunities for short-term mobilization will be ongoing because the need is so great," said Susan Peugh, a NAMB staff member who coordinates volunteer opportunities and helped pull the initiative together.

"It is great to see this partnership come together to assist the people affected by Sandy. We know students want to help and [we] have seen the excellent ministry they have provided in the past. The opportunities to serve here will be life-changing," Peugh said.

The first wave of students, expected Dec. 7, will lodge at Staten Island's Arlington Warehouse and will pay for the privilege. A $15 registration fee and a $15 per-night fee will help reduce logistical expenses, such as insurance, identification badges and lodging.

The students will work with trained Southern Baptist Disaster Relief volunteers, primarily assisting residents affected by Sandy to clean up their properties.

Students will be required to view a SBDR training video prior to traveling to New York. They will receive additional onsite training specific to their assignments. More than 350 students assisted in SBDR clean up ministry last year in response to Hurricane Irene.

Campus student directors and college students interested in ministry opportunities in the area may register at (use code "collegiatedr"). A mobilization coordinator will contact those expressing interest to connect them with ministry opportunities.


WEEK OF PRAYER: South African youth turn from despair

CAPE TOWN, South Africa (BP) -- It's hard not to be happy around 12-year-old Olwetu. She greets visitors with an infectious smile and sparkling eyes. Usually surrounded by friends, the outgoing South African seventh-grader is constantly smiling, laughing and talking.

But this is not typical behavior among Olwetu's peers -- hopeless is the best word to describe youth from the nation's Xhosa minority in the slums of Cape Town.

Most young people here must deal with a myriad of issues -- abuse, violence, drugs, gangs, rape, loss of one or both parents, poor education, HIV/AIDS, poverty. These problems have far-reaching tentacles affecting every family in the township.

"We began to see students that were asking ... 'What do I do when I've been raped by my uncle?' 'What do I do when my father and mother are abusing me?' 'I don't have any food at home.' 'My mom and dad don't have work.' 'My mom and dad are dead and I live with my aunt,'" said Bruce Erickson, a Southern Baptist missionary in Cape Town.

San Francisco bans public nudity, but with exceptions for LGBT events

SAN FRANCISCO — After Feb. 1, San Franciscans will have to get dressed before leaving home.
On Nov. 20, in a 6-to-5 vote, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors approved a ban on public nudity, The New York Times reported, but some wonder if it’s enough.
Randy Thomasson, president of, said the ordinance is a start but that it still allows open nudity, demonstrations of sadomasochism, and other such practices at city events such as the annual lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) pride parade and the Folsom Street Fair. The ban also doesn’t include women who choose to go topless.
“Female public nudity is dangerous to women and girls because it portrays them as sex objects and stimulates potential rapists,” said Thomasson. As for male nudists in San Francisco, Thomasson said they behave “like animals, dehumanizing themselves.  They see themselves only as flesh, not spirit.”


ANGUS JONES's Testimony: 'Two And A Half Men' 'Filth,' Urges Viewers To Stop Watching

Judge: School Can't Expel Student over RFID Badge

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Extra Life Gaming Marathon For Cincinnati Children's Hospital

DONATE now to our "JMC" team for Cincinnati Children's Hospital below!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Mike Shoesmith interviews JMC Ministries founder on PPSIMMONS Television

I Choose Thankful

Close Ad Disabled Boy Doesn't Let Anything Get in the Way of his Dreams

Hundreds of Prisoners to Be Able to Send Christmas Gifts to Family

Those serving time in jail or prison will be able to get handwritten cards and selected gifts delivered to their children this Christmas season thanks to The Salvation Army's Christmas Toy Lift program.

Under this program, The Salvation Army purchases gifts and allow inmates to select one gift per child. The children then receive a card, handwritten by their incarcerated parent, and the gift.
The Toy Lift seeks to quietly provide a service to those that are unable, the Christian ministry says on its website. What started as a program for roughly 600 children grew to over 1,500 last year, it adds.
"If you're in prison and you want to send your child a gift, this service is more than welcome," Don Winkler, Coordinator of Christmas Toy Lift, said in a statement. "The Christmas Toy Lift brings joy to children that otherwise would have to go without."
The Christmas Toy Lift is supported in part by donations to the Tree of Lights campaign. For the past 10 years, it has provided jailed family members of Sarpy and Douglas County Correctional Centers in Nebraska the chance to give their children Christmas gifts.
Meanwhile, Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley will be joined by officials of the Salvation Army on the Alabama Capitol steps to launch the 2012 Christmas Kettle Campaign in Montgomery. Bentley will launch the 2012 campaign during a news conference at 11 a.m. Monday, the newswire said.

Homeless Preacher that Risks his Life Every Day for Jesus

NYC Mission Says Thanksgiving a Time to 'Bless Our Neighbors and Our City'

NEW YORK – The Bowery Mission, one of New York City's largest and oldest Christian rescue organizations, is celebrating this Thanksgiving the way it does every year – by serving the hungry and homeless. But the nonprofit organization is also playing an important role in helping victims of Hurricane Sandy get back on their feet.

The charity organization has been serving the homeless and the hungry since 1879, and is celebrating its 133th Thanksgiving this year. The staff and volunteers are needed now more than ever as New York City faces a record number of homeless citizens and is recovering from Sandy, one of the most devastating storms to hit the Tri-state region in recorded history. The hurricane killed over 200 people in seven countries and destroyed thousands of homes, impacting and changing many lives.
The Bowery Mission offers a number of ways for people to give and help during this important time of the year, which includes volunteering opportunities, raising funds, donating food and clothes, and spreading the message of goodwill. James Winans, Chief Development Officer at The Bowery, says that like many organizations, theirs has faced significant challenges as a result of the storm. He thanks people for their generosity this season – but noted in a conversation with The Christian Post that help is also greatly welcomed at other times of the year.
The Bowery Mission's main building is located in downtown Manhattan – an area hit hard by flooding that closed down many streets and left almost the entire area without power for a number of days.
"Thanksgiving is always the biggest time of the year for us," Winans told CP. "During the week of Thanksgiving, we serve around 9,000 meals. During Thanksgiving Day alone, we serve about 5,000 meals. On Thanksgiving Day, we serve meals six times in our century-old chapel, and people eat around round tables with beautiful table cloths and beautiful center pieces, and musical entertainment, and they are served by volunteers who act as waiters and waitresses. When our guests leave, they are provided with a new coat and all of the children are provided with new toys.
"So it is an opportunity for us to bless our neighbors and bless our city, and it's the biggest week of the year for us."

From Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler’s Girlfriend to Pro-Life Advocate

Attendees at the Life Legal Defense Foundation’s annual benefit dinner in Santa Clara, California received a firsthand account of Julia Holcomb’s story.
At 16, Holcomb became involved with Steven Tyler, lead singer of the Rock Band Aerosmith. The relationship led to Tyler becoming Holcomb’s legal guardian, asking her to have a child with him, and later, asking her to marry him.
Holcomb shared that as a teenager from a broken home, the excitement of being in this relationship, traveling the world, living the celebrity lifestyle was all that she could see.
Holcomb was about five months pregnant when their relationship became strained. Tyler entertained second thoughts about their marriage. Eventually, Tyler went on tour leaving Holcomb alone in his apartment—without prenatal care, without a driver’s license, without sufficient money to take care of basic needs. A friend was supposed to come to assist Holcomb to get some groceries.
Holcomb remembers waking up in a smoke-filled apartment, and discovering that both exits were blocked – the back stairway was engulfed in flames, and the lock on the front door was jammed and immoveable. Holcomb crawled to the fireplace in the bedroom, over which hung a painting “Jesus, Light of the World.” The painting recalled to her mind that God is merciful, and in that moment faced with the terror of dying, Holcomb spoke the words to a song she sang as a child in Sunday school: “Into thine hand I commit my spirit: thou hast redeemed me, O Lord God of truth.” (Psalm 31:5.) Miraculously, Holcomb survived the fire.


84 new missionaries appointed by IMB

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (BP) -- A deer meat processor and a doctor. A nanny and a nurse. A soldier and a statistician. These are just a few of the jobs previously held by 84 men and women appointed by IMB trustees Nov. 15 at Second Baptist Church in Springfield, Mo.

From as far away as Thailand and as near as the hills of Tennessee, the appointees shared testimonies of being called by God to a journey -- a journey to be the heart, hands and voice of Jesus to the nations.

Prinna Puakpong was born in Thailand, where she was raised in a Buddhist home. Her journey led her first to Atlanta, Ga., and then to Chattanooga, Tenn., where she earned a master's in business administration with an emphasis in finance. Disillusioned by the stock market crash of 2000, Puakpong prayed that God would reveal Himself to her.

"I prayed, 'God, I don't want to be confused anymore,'" Puakpong said. "'Please reveal Yourself to me in a way that I can understand.'"

In a Bible study for international students in Chattanooga, Puakpong met Christians who showed her God's love, and the direction of her life changed. Now, more than 10 years later, her journey will take Puakpong and her husband, Jack Wattanawongsawang, to Japan to be the voice of Jesus among those who have not yet heard the Gospel.

For pharmacist Sarah Smythe*, her journey entailed a series of personal challenges during her college years -- a time when she came to understand what it means not just to follow Jesus but to rely on Him.

"I realized my need," Smythe said. "I needed to rely on God. I needed to be in community with His people and I needed to loosen my grip on academic excellence."


Md. Man to Begin Ministry for Bikers

A Maryland man who was involved as a youth in a Texas biker gang hopes to soon begin a ministry that would focus on evangelizing bikers.

Bill Kleckner, an active member of the Bridge of Life Church in Hagerstown, announced that he hopes to start up the ministry in January. In an interview with local media, Kleckner talked about his rough upbringing and how when younger the 54-year-old was heavily involved in drugs and alcohol while a biker.
"I'm a biker. I love bikers. But I want to touch as many people as possible," said Kleckner to the Herald-Mail.
"God takes the broken and makes them into something good. And that's what I want him to do through me. I can't fix people, but God can fix them."
Kleckner explained to Chris Copley of the Herald-Mail that while an ordained minister Kleckner's evangelism efforts will likely not involve preaching on a group scale.
"My true heart is to start a biker church … I don't have to preach. I could care less if I never stand in a pulpit. I like the one on one," said Kleckner.

Monday, November 19, 2012

How to Guard Against Sexual Sin

By Jack Graham
The continuously unraveling scandal that has toppled the director of the CIA David Petraeus and has entangled the top NATO commander in Afghanistan as well as an FBI agent sounds more and more unfathomable by the minute. But, really, it’s a prime example of the severe consequences of immorality.
It only takes a small pin to burst a balloon. When trust is gone and when there is a leak in the integrity and character of a person, the explosion is quick and even startling. What has taken a lifetime of hard work to build disintegrates swiftly with an act of immorality, an act of indiscretion. You sacrifice your integrity, lose your credibility, and forfeit the right to lead.
I often speak to men about the sin of adultery and perversion because of the seemingly tolerant attitude in society toward this sexual misbehavior. And once you cross that line, once you go over the boundaries into sexual sin and engaging in immorality, it becomes easier and easier to justify it.
There are 12 points I share with men on how to maintain their moral purity.
  • Recognize your potential for moral failure. Don’t say, “It can’t happen to me.” Don’t say, “I’m immune to this” because you’re not. And if you’re not careful, if you don’t watch and pray, if you don’t develop spiritual disciplines in your life, you’re more than vulnerable.
  • Realize you don’t have to give in. Don’t say, “The living Christ is in me and yet I couldn’t help myself.” You have the power of God’s Spirit; the Spirit of the living God lives in you and will enable you and empower you.
  • Resolve to be pure; purpose in your heart not to defile yourself. And if you have fallen, you can start over again. And you can say, “From this day forward, God, make me pure and make me clean.”
  • Remove all bitterness from your life. Often, when a person becomes bitter, he’s upset about something that becomes an excuse or a rationalization to say, “Well, I deserve this pleasure.”

Sandy meal count tops 1.2M; next: church partnerships

EDISON, N.J. (BP) -- Southern Baptist Disaster Relief volunteers deployed after Hurricane Sandy had prepared more than 1.2 million meals as of Monday (Nov. 19) in New York, New Jersey and, earlier, in West Virginia.

As more power is restored to homes in the hardest-hit areas, SBDR leaders said the need will diminish for meal preparation by SBDR units deployed from numerous states.

Volunteers also have reported 56 individuals who have made professions of faith in Christ as a result of SBDR ministry.

On the horizon: The North American Mission Board will coordinate both church-to-church partnerships in the region and the mobilization of student volunteers for long-term ministry and service in the Northeast.

"The church-to-church initiative in response to Sandy will be different in nature than that of the response to Hurricane Katrina," said Jerry Daniel, team leader for the North American Mission Board's LoveLoud emphasis.

While the church partnerships fostered in the wake of Katrina focused in large part on the physical rebuild and repair of church infrastructure, the aftermath of Sandy will see a different ministry emphasis, Daniel said.

"There was not a lot of damage to church facilities, so the church-to-church aspect of Sandy will focus on churches partnering with churches in the affected area to do work in the community," Daniel said. "This will provide the local churches a platform with their neighbors. The assistance given by partnering churches will allow for an increased bandwidth of ministry by local churches in the Northeast."

Planning and logistics also continue for mobilizing college students to assist with cleanup operations over the winter break. Details for the volunteer opportunity for students and the church-to-church initiative will be available soon, Daniel said.

In total, more than 1,200 SBDR volunteers from 34 states and Canada have responded to Sandy. Baptist convention volunteers have served from Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas-Nebraska, Kentucky, Maryland/Delaware, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota/ Wisconsin, Mississippi, Missouri, New England, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania/South Jersey, Southern Baptists of Texas, Southern Baptist Conservatives of Virginia, Baptist General Association of Virginia, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah/Idaho and West Virginia. Also responding are volunteers from North Carolina Baptist Men and Texas Baptist Men.

Terry Henderson, DR director for Texas Baptist Men, shared an email from an emergency worker who thanked SBDR volunteers for their service. The email read, in part:

"I am an EMT on deployment to help with evacuations and emergency medical operations. I have been here for two weeks now under some very stressful and less than ideal conditions. Yesterday your disaster relief team arrived while we were out on a mission. Today they were serving us breakfast. I just wanted to say thank you.

"All of us are exhausted, stressed and homesick and most of us have been living in our ambulances for the entire deployment. A nice home-cooked meal and smiling faces are a very welcomed sight. Also the hot showers and ability to do our laundry will not be overlooked either. Again I say thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your arrival has made a very tough mission more bearable."


TobyMac Continues Whirlwind Year with First Ever American Music Award

t’s been quite a year for five-time GRAMMY® Award winner TobyMac with his new album EYE ON IT hitting No. 1 on the overall Billboard Top 200, multiple national television appearances including Fox & Friends, Good Morning America and The View and featured media spotlights in Billboard Magazine, Los Angeles Times, People Magazine and, among others. Now, to add to his whirlwind year, TobyMac has garnered his first career American Music Award. The multi-platinum selling artist received the award for Favorite Artist in the Contemporary/Inspirational category last night at the 40th annual American Music Awards. The annual award show was broadcasted live from the NOKIA Theatre L.A. and for the sixth year, fans determined the winners by voting online.

When learning he had won the award before his Winter Jam set in Fresno, TobyMac said, “This is my first AMA! I still can't believe it. It is so meaningful to me because the people I'm thinking about when I'm writing these songs are the ones who vote. Thank YOU guys from the bottom of my heart!


It’s About Fulfilling Your Destiny: Founder of ‘Life Without Limbs’ Tells Beck His Inspiring Life Story

Church, restaurant join forces to serve Thankgiving dinner to needy

With the help of local donations, an East Dundee restaurateur is teaming up with an Elgin church to bring free Thanksgiving meals to the northern Fox Valley.
Beverardo Sanchez, the owner of the Family Buffet, is working with the Elgin Evangelical Covenant Church to provide 1,000 dinners on Thanksgiving to families who have no place else to go or cannot afford to buy their own holiday meal.
“We have so much to be thankful for,” said Henoch Fuentes, one of the organizers. “We have our freedom to be thankful for. We have our friends to be thankful for and our families to be thankful for. This is a celebration for everyone.”
It also is a project that needs the community’s help. In order for it to be a success, hams, turkeys and other food donations are needed along with volunteers to help cook and serve the diners who want to eat at the Route 25 restaurant or take the cooked food home.
“We’ll need about 100 turkeys, 50 hams and 50 chickens,” Fuentes said. “We’ll also need cans of vegetables, potatoes and rolls.”
Church members will donate some of the items. Organizers are hoping local residents will donate the rest.
“We’ll start cooking the turkeys, hams and chickens, a day or two before Thanksgiving (Nov. 22).” Sanchez said. “The turkeys should be boneless because they will take less time to cook. A full turkey takes about 3½ hours to cook. A boneless turkey will take about an hour and a half to cook.”

Atheist-Inspired Ban on Santa Monica Nativity Displays to Be Challenged in CA Court Today

LOS ANGELES (TheBlaze/AP) — Damon Vix didn’t have to go to court to push Christmas out of the city of Santa Monica. He just joined the festivities.
The atheist’s anti-God message alongside a life-sized nativity display in a park overlooking the beach ignited a debate that burned brighter than any Christmas candle.
Santa Monica officials snuffed the city’s holiday tradition this year rather than referee the religious rumble, prompting churches that have set up a 14-scene Christian diorama for decades to sue over freedom of speech violations. Their attorney will ask a federal judge Monday to resurrect the depiction of Jesus’ birth, while the city aims to eject the case (for TheBlaze’s past analysis of this case, read here).

Search Begins for the Longest Married Couple in Canada

CHARLOTTETOWN, Prince Edward Island, Nov. 19, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- The following is submitted by the Canadian Board of Worldwide Marriage Encounter, North American Secretariat:
The search for the longest married couple in Canada was announced today by James and Connie McNeill and Fr. John Juhl, the Canadian Ecclesial Team for Worldwide Marriage Encounter (WWME), the original faith-based marriage enrichment program.
"We are pleased that our marriage enrichment ministry can take this opportunity to celebrate husbands and wives that been married for many, many years," said Mr. and Mrs. McNeill and Fr. Juhl. "In addition to recognizing the longest married couple in the country, we want to honour the longest married couple from each province and territory."
National winners will be recognized during the week of Valentine's Day in 2013. This coincides with World Marriage Day, which is held on the second Sunday of February each year. This is the first year that the highly acclaimed project will be held in Canada. The project is entering its third year in the United States.
Nominations are open to husbands and wives regardless of religious affiliation, and may be submitted by a friend, family member or the couple themselves by email, regular mail or phone. To nominate a couple, simply submit the names of the husband and wife, their wedding date and where they currently reside, as well as a contact number or email address of the person nominating the couple. Nominations can be sent as follows: email; regular mail to WWME Canada, 15 Centennial Drive, Charlottetown, PE, C1A 6C6 or phone (902) 367-2061 . Nominations must be received by January 10th, 2013.

Worldwide Marriage Encounter has been offering weekend enrichment experiences for more than 44 years and is considered the original faith-based marriage enrichment program. The programs are continually updated to keep abreast of changes in society, and include evening and half-day programs presented in parish halls and other facilities in additional to the popular weekend program.
WWME has a presence in nearly 100 countries, which makes it the largest pro-marriage movement in the world. In Canada, WWME programs are presented in English, French, Spanish, and Korean.
Worldwide Marriage Encounter offers married couples the opportunity to spend time together away from the busyness of the world to focus on each other. It offers tools for building and maintaining a strong, Christian marriage in today’s world. To learn more about Worldwide Marriage Encounter email, or go to
Media inquiries should be directed to:
James & Connie McNeill 

Christian Newswire

Kingman church group will try the homeless life

Church group will gather donations - and also try out life on the street

An outreach group made up of adults, teenagers and kids from St. John's United Methodist Church will have a makeshift cardboard box camp set up in the parking lot of the Stockton Hill Road Taco Bell Saturday.

They'll be showing solidarity with the homeless, holding up signs to raise awareness and collecting toiletries to give to the people staying at the Cornerstone Mission and Diana's Faith House as part of Hunger and Homeless Awareness month.

"This is the first time we're doing something like this," said Linda Chevalier, the chair for the church's mission's team. "It'll be a big awakening."

Whether you can spare a couple bottles of shampoo and conditioner or several tubes of toothpaste makes no difference because all types of hygiene products will be accepted, Chevalier said.

The group will be in the parking lot from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday. From there, they'll head to the Cornerstone Mission, where they plan to stand in line for a meal and eat dinner with the residents, she said.

Then they'll head back to the church, where they'll sleep outside in the cardboard boxes they used at Taco Bell for the hygiene drive.

"Hopefully we can make it through the night," Chevalier said.


Two-time Cancer Survivor Shares Inspiring Personal Reflections in New Motivational Book

ORLANDO, Fla., Nov. 19, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- People facing cancer and other life challenges can find hope from Susan M. Culey's newly released book "Overflow with Confident Hope...because you can." Written in a quirky, non-conventional style and filled with positive insights to dealing with overwhelming odds, "Overflow with Confident Hope" promotes an upbeat, faith-filled attitude.

Ms. Culey is no stranger to success and catastrophe. An award-winning hair stylist and successful business owner for many years, she seemed to hold the world in her hands. But, in a very short time, she lost everything after enduring two battles with breast cancer and other personal tragedies. But, rather than giving in and growing bitter, she fought through her fatigue and fears, believing that God had a great plan for her life.

"I had religion crammed down my throat when I was a kid," says Ms. Culey. "I knew about God, but I didn't know Him as my Friend until my personal struggles with cancer. I wanted to share my journey with people because it was about much more than just cancer. The battles literally brought me face-to-face with my past perspectives about God, and my great need for a compassionate, forgiving and healing Creator. I want the world to know that a person can find hope during and in spite of their trials. And more than that, they can overflow with confident hope every day."

"Susan was in the hospital when she began writing some of the pages in this book," stated Chris Lang, film producer and family friend. "I remember the pieces of handwritten paper that she read to me as I visited her there. I've since been inspired by Susan's courage to pursue a positive perspective even while she deals with so many obstacles."

Through powerful personal stories and inspiring Bible passages, "Overflow with Confident Hope" presents a practical approach to perceiving life circumstances. Faith-filled anecdotes provide dynamic insights on how to overcome fears, insecurities, helplessness and desperation. The themes touch on complications, uncertainties and anxieties of the mind to help the reader understand how to live with confident hope.

For more information about the book or to schedule Ms. Culey for an interview or speaking engagement, visit

Christian Newswire

1,300 Volunteers Deployed to Staten Island for #SandyThanksgiving Disaster Relief Efforts by Liquid Church of NJ

MORRISTOWN, N.J., Nov. 19, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- Having already "mucked out" (cleaned and gutted) almost 200 homes in three tri-state area regions over the last two weeks, Liquid Church of NJ is now directing its 1,300+ volunteers to Staten Island during the upcoming Thanksgiving weekend. Hundreds more damaged homes will be gutted and tons of critical need supplies, water and meals will be distributed this Thanksgiving weekend.

Superstorm Sandy impacted almost 15% of the US population, but was particularly catastrophic for Staten Island, where New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo recently estimated losses at $33 Billion for the state. Tim Lucas, Lead Pastor at Liquid Church said, "After serving on the ground the past two weeks, we realize the people of Staten Island are still in shock and recovery mode. The physical needs are acuter than originally thought."

This past weekend, 220 volunteers from Liquid Church worked along side relief teams from the We Care, the National Guard, the American Red Cross, NYPD, and NYFD. Volunteers also participated in emergency assessment training at FEMA facilities by the relief site. Church leaders are now mobilizing hundreds more Sandy Thanksgiving volunteers each day this coming holiday weekend, including Thanksgiving Day on Staten Island.

Relief supplies collected by the NJ-based Christian church, will be distributed to families as volunteer teams clean out houses devastated by the storm. Hot meals will also be supplied for relief workers and members of the community. Recent inventory of contributions collected by Liquid Church include:

  • Water: 965 Gallons of water (over 4 TONS of clean water)

  • Canned Meat: 1,255 cans

  • Baby Food: 2,052 packs, tubes, etc.

  • Peanut Butter: 343 jars

  • Socks: 1,900 pairs of socks

  • Other Goodness: 3,400 cans, boxes, jars
Contributions from churches and organizations outside of NJ are still needed to help underwrite the large-scale relief operations being conducted. Details are available at: Church leaders can download multimedia materials such as video clips, bulletin inserts, slide graphics, and music to help conduct special offerings during November 25 services. The coalition presently includes 22 churches and organizations nationwide drawing from states including Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Texas are providing financial and media support.

Liquid Church is one of NJ's fastest-growing Christian churches. Founded in 2001 by Lead Pastor Tim Lucas, the church's vision is to "take church to the people" with campuses in Morristown, New Brunswick, and Nutley. Nearly 2,500 people experience Liquid's worship services each weekend in New Jersey and around the globe through Church Online. As a part of its global outreach Liquid provides clean drinking water to the poorest of the poor with dozens of completed projects in Ethiopia, Central African Republic, Haiti and El Salvador. More details are available at:

For members of the media: Online pressroom available at

Christian Newswire