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6 week old baby bitten by rats in home posted July 22, 2009

IDAHO, Ohio -- A gruesome tale of apparent neglect ended with the hospitalization of a Pike County infant for rodent bites and the arrest of her mother's live-in boyfriend on charges including neglect of the child. County Prosecutor Rob Junk filed three felony charges Monday against Todd C.

Trent, 18, of 2209 Red Bridge Road, in western Pike County. He is charged with child endangering, obstructing official business and tampering with evidence, all felonies.

Junk said the injuries suffered by the 6-week-old were unreal.

"I've seen autopsy photos of people that have died from bullet wounds, stab wounds, and things like that. They weren't nearly as hard to look at the photos of the infant in this case," he said.

County Sheriff Rich Henderson said the worst bites were on the infant's left foot and back, but bites were found all over the child's body. Two of the girl's toes had to be removed.

The saga began when the sheriff's office received an anonymous tip about the child and went to the Red Bridge Road home early Sunday morning.

Inside, deputies found the child with multiple bite marks and called for medical attention. The child was taken to Nationwide Childrens Hospital in Columbus, where doctors said the injuries were "consistent with rodent bites" and appeared to have occurred during a lengthy period of time, Henderson said.

The girl, whose name was not released, was listed in fair condition late Monday.

Detectives interviewed both doctors and the family at the Columbus hospital, and more charges could result.

"It would be fair to say that we're looking at everyone who was inside that home," said Junk.

Childrens Services representatives took an unknown number of other children out of the home Sunday and placed them in protective custody. Two dogs also were taken from the home by the county dog warden. After earlier reports that the child may have suffered a dog bite, it was unclear whether anything other than rodents had bitten the child.

Trent is being held in the Ross County Jail until his arraignment on the charges.

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JMC Ministries thoughts

This incident happened only 30 minutes from our home. Reading about it and watching it on the local news it is just horrifying that these people allowed this baby to live in these kind of conditions.

They said the mother is 17 and the father of the baby is an adult. This story just keeps confirming that Teenagers today are not responsible enough to take of children and create a safe environment for them to live in. We are not saying every teen parent is not qualified but many aren't. Also why is the father of the baby not being charged with statutory rape to the 17 year old mother of the child.

As Christians and citizens in our communities we need to get involved if we think a child is being abused. We might just be able to stop something like this from happening and save a childs life.

We must pray that this child has a swift and successful recovery and that the baby will be placed in to a loving and safe home.

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