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The Heritage Foundation National Survey on the Obama Agenda Posted August 11, 2009

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The Presidency and Governance

1. Do you think President Obama is doing what his supporters expected him to do?

2. Do you think the Obama administration is being open and transparent with the American people?

3. Do you think the Obama administration is acting in the bipartisan way he promised?

4. Do you think President Obama has calmed fears or increased fears about the economy?

The Economy and Taxes

1. President Obama is proposing $1.2 trillion in tax increases on savers, investors, small businesses, and upper-income taxpayers. In addition he is calling for $210 billion in higher taxes on American companies trying to compete in the global economy, and $646 billion in environmental taxes on American industry at home. What do you think the consequences of these tax increases will be?

2. President Obama and the liberals in Congress have been passing spending bills at record levels and racking up the largest deficit in history by far-at least $2 trillion for 2009 alone. What do you think the consequences of this spending will be?

3. The Obama administration is predicting a rate of economic growth of over 3 percent next year, and his economic projections depend on that growth rate. Do you believe that is realistic?

4. President Obama frequently refers to the legacy of the past eight years when he talks about the poor economic situation. Do you think that is fair?

5. How do you feel about the outlook of the American economy in the next two years?

National Defense and Security

1. Do you agree with President Obama’s timetable for withdrawing all combat forces from Iraq by August 31.2010, no matter what the conditions there are?

2. Do you agree with President Obama’s decision to close the prison at Guantanamo Bay?

3. How serious do you consider the threat of Islamist terrorism in the world today?

4. Do you think the Obama administration is treating the threat of terrorism with the seriousness it deserves?

5. Do you think President Obama’s policies provide effective protection against our enemies?

6. Do you agree with President Obama’s readiness to weaken our missile defense system?

7. Do you agree with the plan of President Obama and the liberals in Congress to cut the defense budget?

Freedom of Speech

Do you believe that President Obama and/or Congress will take action to destroy conservative talk radio?

Energy Policy

1. What do you think the consequences will be of President Obama’s policies of large subsidies for renewable energy and research?

2. Do you think renewable energy plans such as solar and wind can replace fossil fuels in the near future, as the Obama administration plans?

3. Do you support President Obama’s plan for a “cap and trade” plan to limit carbon emissions in which businesses would pay a tax for carbon emissions and pass the cost along to consumers?

4. Obama administration officials have taken steps to delay the process of leasing offshore areas for oil and natural gas exploration. What do you think the consequences will be?

Health Care

The Obama administration has begun moving us toward a government-controlled health care system. What do you think the consequences of such a system will be?, a website for Heritage Members and supporters, brings you the latest news and analysis surrounding the Washington debates, a full library of Myth Busters to combat liberal distortions, and the resources you need to spread your conservative message.


JMC Ministries thoughts

We received this survey in the mail today. We then sent out a message telling others that we had received this. Our friends and acquaintances started writing us back asking us to post the questions they were asking us to answer.

So here they are.

If we answer these questions and return the survey might this put JMC on Obama's "bad list"? Maybe. But as long as we have freedom of speech in this country JMC Ministries will choose to let our voices be heard and take a stand no matter the cost.

We know that posting these questions, answering them is really putting ourselves out there, but that is a risk we are willing to take for FREEDOM.

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