Saturday, May 14, 2011

Israel May Rush Deployment of Advanced Antimissile System

Arrow 3 interceptors are intended to fly farther than existing systems and to intercept missiles from nations such as Iran and Syria at higher altitudes. They would be part of a web of defenses to safeguard Israel from rocket and missile threats. The system has received considerable financial support from the United States.

Spurred by the changing political dynamics of neighboring Arab states, Israeli officials have stepped up their emergency preparations. A high-ranking military officer on Thursday indicated he foresaw a shortened schedule for deploying the Arrow 3.

"We've already show how we can get systems out ahead of schedule when there's a need," the unidentified official said, referring to the nation's Iron Dome weapon, which was able to eliminate several Katyusha rockets launched from the Gaza Strip in April.

While developers of the Arrow system anticipate the latest model would be ready for fielding in 2014 or the following year, the Israeli officer said, "Don't be surprised if it's sooner."

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