Friday, March 26, 2010

Atheist Tells CNN Why We Should Ditch Religion

JMC Ministries Response

This man says that Christians and religious people do not care about the sufferings of others and that we are distracted by our religion from real problems happening in the world.

When in reality, most Christians today are out trying to make a difference in their communities and helping others.

We have missionaries in the U.S and around the world out there helping feed clothe, house and educate people. How is this being distracted by our “religion” and not helping those in need?

I don’t know how this man can put Christians in the same category as those who follow the Islam religion? When those who follow the teachings of the bible do not do as this man says some in the middle east do by oppressing and even torturing others.

Fellow Brothers and sisters in Christ this is just one person of many who want to stop our freedoms here in America and also around the world. From reaching out and sharing the love of Christ and helping other in the name of Jesus. Please pray for this man and all the others who do not know or understand the love of Christ.

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Lindsey said...

Sadly, much of what this man says is right. Too many people call themselves "Christian" while doing nothing but spout the law at others. While there are those of us who are willing to help in real-life issues, too many act nothing like the Bible commands. Also, the fact that he equates Christians and Muslims is simply because they are the two largest religions in our world. He is simply looking at real life and the fact that too many people want to claim God says something one way or the other while never actually doing anything to fix REAL problems. Islam is a religion of hatred, but true Christianity is a relationship with Jesus Christ that will cause real change in one's life and outlook on others. Bottom line is there are too many who claim to be what they are not. This man is voicing what too many others have come to believe because of this.