Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Homeless Man Stabbed After Saving A Woman from Being Mugged

JMC Ministries Response

To watch this video is so disturbing to see how people just pay no attention to a dying man on the side walk and even take pictures with their cell phones.

What have we become as a society here in The U.S when a man dies needlessly because all those people didn’t take the time to use those cell phones they took the pictures of him to call for help or stop and say this isn’t right a man lying on a side walk looking like he may be dead or injured.

Where is the compassion?! Where is the empathy?! For your fellow human man?!

The United States is known for being the first ones to help other Countries when they are attacked or have some terrible disaster happen.  But what about our own People?! How can we help people in other countries when we can’t even help our own people here who are lying on side walks dying because they saved someone's life?

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