Wednesday, May 19, 2010

FEMA Photographer Finds Salvation Army Logo Offensive

JMC Ministries Response
JMC Ministries has been involved with the salvation army for 6 years. We have volunteered helping with their children programs, bell ringing at christmas time, even playing music for their church services here in chillicothe Ohio. 
For someone to find the Salvation Army logo offensive like this FEMA worker did, even to go as far as telling these volunteers that he won’t take their picture if they don’t change their shirt is just ridiculous. 
If it was us we would have told the man to not take our picture. How does wearing the Salvation Army Logo on a t-shirt offends someone more than these t-shirts and clothes people wear today that have some of the most horrible language on them and are so revealing that little is left to the imagination of what the person looks like underneath?
If Christians and faith based people helping to rebuild their communities and helping those in need are so bad, then why aren’t the atheists, and others who don’t want religion in anything out their beside the Salvation Army volunteers helping their community? Where are you non-religious people who want to make a difference in your community, help the poor, hungry, and needy? Why aren’t you standing up beside the Salvation Army and all the others who are there helping to rebuild peoples homes since it is so offensive to have faith based organizations and people helping?
We can only thank FEMA for taking a stand against what this person for what he did to these people who just wanted to make a difference in their community by being an example of What Jesus called us to do as Christians.

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