Thursday, May 20, 2010

Teacher Ordered to Remove 'In God We Trust' Poster 25 years later

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A San Diego math teacher was forced to remove two posters from his classroom walls because they included the phrases "In God We Trust," "One Nation Under God" and "God Bless America."
A federal judge said the Poway Unified School District was wrong to order the removal of the posters, and now the school district is appealing the judge's decision to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.
Brad Johnson, who has been an educator for 32 years, told Baptist Press he began hanging motivational posters in his classroom early in his career.
As he stood with his students to recite the Pledge of Allegiance, and as he thought about the Declaration of Independence and other staples of American history, he decided to hang a red, white and blue poster reflecting the sentiments of the nation. The poster hung in his classroom for 25 years without anyone complaining.

About 20 years ago, Johnson added another poster that says "All Men Are Created Equal, They Are Endowed By Their Creator."
"I have a lot of nature pictures in my classroom from national parks and other nationally recognized scenes, so I put that poster up around all my nature pictures to reflect that as a nation we believe that we're not here as an accident, that we've been created and we've been endowed by a Creator with our rights," Johnson, a math teacher at Westview High School, said.
Johnson doesn't talk about the posters in class, and he said students have commented that his classroom is a relaxing, refreshing and inspirational place.
But in the fall of 2006, another math teacher asked the principal why the posters were permitted. The principal sought guidance from district administrators, and the assistant superintendent, Bill Chiment, was assigned to investigate.
Chiment reasoned, according to the court ruling, that none of the individual phrases on the posters would be a problem, but the combined influence "over-emphasized" God. He also said the phrases were taken out of their original contexts, and as a solution he proposed that Johnson place a full copy of the Declaration of Independence and pictures of U.S. coins on the wall.
Johnson asserted his right to hang the posters in his classroom, and the Thomas More Law Center, a national public interest law firm based in Michigan, filed a federal lawsuit on his behalf in 2007.
U.S. District Judge Roger Benitez ruled in February that Johnson's First Amendment rights were violated and that he should be allowed to hang the posters. Benitez said the posters clearly constitute free speech, and public school teachers have First Amendment rights.


JMC Ministries Response

25 years this poster hung in this classroom and only now someone has a problem with it. So much that even after the judge found in favor of the teacher the school is still fighting over this poster and taking it to the Ninth Circuit Court One of the most liberal Courts in our Country to try and appeal this ruling!

What has changed so much in America in 25 years that a poster that says What is written on some of  our Nations most historical Documents is now offensive? What has changed?

Those words have not those words on that poster are the same words that were put in our constitution in 1776 they are the same words even today that we say during the Pledge of Allegiance! What has Changed?

Clearly it is the people of this nation, the teachers who are teaching in our schools, those in power leading our country. Who want to obliterate anything that our Country was founded on especially God and Christian Values.

Those words will remain long after the people who are complaining about them and trying to silence those words from even being spoken die and are rotting in their graves! Those words will still live on! Those words will remain after all the bickering, fighting and debating whether they are Constitutional or Not ! Those Words Will Live On.

Because They are the Truth and the truth sets us free.

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