Monday, June 14, 2010

Reporters Being Told To Stop Filming Oil Spill Or Be Arrested

Written By Miranda Caverley

Over the past weeks many stories and rumors have been popping up all over the internet and news that BP is trying to keep the media from reporting and filming the oil spill and the devastation it has caused and continues to cause in the Gulf Of Mexico. The reason we haven't reported on this is because we couldn't find any proof of this happening until today.

We found a video from CBS News and anyone who lives in the U.S, knows that CBS is one of the biggest National News Reporting Agencies in the country. While they were filming on location at the Oil Spill in Louisiana, A Coast Guard Boat that also had BP Contractors on it told the CBS News Reporters, to leave the area and turn off the cameras or be arrested. You will also hear the U.S Coast Guardman say This isn't our rules, it's BP's...When did a company over ride the U.S Government and take away our Right Of Freedom of Speech And Freedom Of Press?

It is Clear that BP and the U.S Government are hiding what is really going on and will stop at nothing even violating our Rights to keep the World from finding out the truth. But, we know that the truth always comes out and the TRUTH SETS US FREE!

Americans and Citizens of this world we need to pray and fight against those who stop the truth from being exposed and stand up and share all we can find out from these brave reporters that are continuing to go down there to film the oil spill in the face of being arrested serving Jail time for reporting the truth.

We at Eternal Flame News Will Continue to share video and news about the oil spill as we find it and if you have videos or anything that you would like to see us share here send us an email at

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