Thursday, October 21, 2010

Boy Learns To Call 911 From Sponge Bob Square Pants Cartoon and Saves Father

Vincent Lamitie, 3, of North Ridgeville, was home alone with his dad when his father passed out and fell down the basement stairs last Sunday. Without hesitation, somehow, the young boy knew to call 911.

"I fell down the stairs," Vincent's father, Vince Lamitie, explained. "I must have turned around to go back downstairs, and I landed on the floor, I guess. I don't remember nothing. The only thing I remember is waking up, and my head was really hurting. My side (and) my nose (were also hurting), and my son was leaning over me, talking to someone on the phone."

Vincent's parents still don't know how he learned to call 911 because they never taught him, thinking he was too young to understand. The only thing they can figure out is perhaps he learned it from a cartoon.

When asked how he knew what to do in the emergency situation, Vincent replied, "Sponge Bob calls 911."

Not only did Vincent have the wherewithal to call 911, he also had the composure to go to the door and unlock it so that the paramedics could get into the house.

"I wasn't planning on being home anytime soon, so it's a good thing somebody called 911 because my husband would have been laying there a long time," said Vincent's mother, Jackie Lamitie.

"If he hadn't called, I would have laid there until midnight," Vince realized.

The family said Vince is recovering from a sore back, sore ribs and a concussion. His injuries put him in the hospital, but he hopes to return home to his family in a few days.

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