Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Firefighters Let House Burn In Tennessee Over An Unpaid $75 Dollar Fee

JMC Ministries Response
written by: Miranda Caverley

Do you think that if this $75.00 fee was in place in New York City on the day Sept. 11th happened that all those firefighters would have been told NOT To go and try and save as many lives as possible if the owners of the Twin Towers had accidentally forgotten to pay the 75 dollars? And be forced to just stand and watch thousands more die than what did that day? I don't think so.

The man offered to pay the fee. But he still got no help. So he watched as 3 dogs and 1 cat burned alive in this fire along with all his belongings. What if those pets would have been people do you think they would have helped then to save a life. It really makes me wonder especially how cold they were to even the news reporters and even calling on their radios for police back up to have news/media escorted away from this mans burning home.

What is the point of even having firefighters and paying taxes to them if they will just do nothing. Must be great to just stand around and get paid thousands of dollars a year to watch peoples homes burn. Even when the people offer to pay the 75 dollar yearly fee that they accidentally for got to pay.

Sadly my family was affected by something similar to this many years ago. My Great Aunt And Uncles home caught fire. They lived in a rural area in Ohio and when they called 911 they were told that the fire station was not in their jurisdiction and that they would not come put the fire out. Yes they let my aunt and uncles home burn down to the ground because they didn't have a fire station in their jurisdiction where they would come and help them.

Then I watch MSNBC Keith Olberman interview this man who lost his home today and the first words out of Keiths mouth to set up his interview was and I quote "A look now into the America envisioned by the Tea Party" Ok How in the world can you say that! I am not a tea party member but I do keep up on what the tea party is wanting to do to change America and it most definitely does not include letting fellow American's homes to burn and no body even care.

How is the tea party even involved with this town allowing this man's home to burn? I would say this is not a vision of the tea party but a vision of the twisted evil mayor and local officials of this town in Tennessee. It is most clear that the mayor by the interview that he does not even care about the people of his town if they forget or don't comply with this $75.oo fee. To see a publicly elected official to show no sympathy or empathy for this family is just disgusting even after knowing the family was willing to still pay the yearly fee and comply with their twisted rules. How can you be a mayor of a town if you don't show compassion towards the people that elected you?

All I can say is that election time is coming and I don't see this man staying in office for very long.

We pray for this family and for the others in this area who have also lost homes because of this fee. How can you put a price on peoples lives when they are already paying taxes? May God inspire people donate to this family and help them get back on their feet and supply what the insurance company doesn't. It is a sad day America when we see fellow citizens stand by and not help their fellow man. What have we become?

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