Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Police Beef Up Security After Church Is Robbed 3 Times

Boston police are searching for the thief who squeezed through a broken glass window at the Mission Church in Roxbury and was caught stealing on a surveillance camera.It's the third time in the past month that the church, which was the site of the late Sen. Edward M. Kennedy's funeral in 2009, has been burglarized. Police are now beefing up patrols in the area.A white man with a reddish beard and a pink or red baseball cap, between 20 and 30, can be seen on the video breaking into the church office about midnight Monday.A church priest said the man stole a gold object. He called the theft disturbing and unsettling."It's nothing that anyone knows about. Nothing that we use on a regular basis. It might have been just some box that didn't have a whole lot of stuff in it, but no money," said the Rev. Raymond Collins."He walked past the shrine offering box," Collins said.The first theft took place in early November when a stained glass window was broken, and $300 was stolen from donation boxes. On Nov. 22, a burglar stole $150 after breaking in.It is not clear whether the same person committed all three burglaries."The video indicates that he appears to be somewhat in need and unstable, and that he needs some help. We do not know what he was after," Collins said.The priests will meet with police again Wednesday and will implement more stringent security measures. The Mission Church is not the only church that has been the target of burglars recently, and police said they were going to try to provide pastors with more security advice.

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