Tuesday, May 11, 2010

U.S Census Worker Beats and Rapes Woman in Indiana

JMC Ministries Response

When you read the description on this video when you watch it on youtube the person who loaded it wrote..."I guess we know where the acorn employees got jobs... Obama hired them all as census workers it seems.

It was said that SEIU and ACORN would be working to help do the U.S Census this year and after what happened to us and talking to many of our friends they are starting to wonder the same thing about SEIU and ACORNS Roll in the Census.

Either way it is clear that the people doing the hiring of these Census workers are NOT doing their jobs and protecting the American Citizens Last week in Texas a Man was murdered by people pretending to be Census Workers But this case is of An Actual Employee of the U.S Census t takes it to a whole other level of who is really running This Program and hiring these people who clearly should NOT have been hired and going to peoples homes only to turn around to beat and rape them.

The Census Workers have only been going door to door a week and look at all the news that is popping up about it and the troubles people are having. There Needs to Be some answers as to why all this is happening.

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