Friday, March 25, 2011

ACLU Confronts County Schools Over Bibles

ATHENS, AL (WAFF)- The American Civil Liberties Union of Alabama sent a letter to Limestone County School Superintendent Barry Carroll, accusing the Blue Springs Elementary School of violating federal law.

The accusations involve Bible distributions and the teaching of "Creationism".

Barry Carroll conducted his own investigation this morning. "After talking with the teachers, I feel better about the accusations that were made. I feel more comfortable with the way we handled this situation."

Carroll said the Bibles were never physically handed to children. Instead, he said they were placed on a display table and the children were able to pick them up if they wanted one.

The ACLU also raised concerns that a 5th grade teacher promoted creationism in the classroom. The organization has given Dr. Carroll 14 days to respond to complaints. He says he will do so through the board's attorney.

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