Friday, March 18, 2011

MBTA drop-offs at local bars Has Some Voice Concerns

BOSTON – Some were asking if T riders are taking tax payers for a ride after an MBTA vehicle picked up a bar patron. The MBTA said people can take The Ride anywhere, but some said that’s a waste.

The pictures show The Ride outside Joshua Tree waiting for a pickup. The viewer who snapped them, who didn’t want to be identified, said a female patron attending trivia night Wednesday got in after about 15 minutes. The viewer thought this was a waste of tax dollars, especially in a tough time.

Monique Zubicki, who uses a cane because of a chronic medical condition, said she agrees.

“It seems like if you want to go out and party, you should dish out the cash for yourself honestly,” she said. “They’re using it to go out and party and it’s taking away from time it could be helping other people, like get to a doctor’s appointment or something that’s actually vital for their well being.”

Federal law requires public transportation to be accessible for the disabled.

Rather than retrofitting every train and bus, systems like the MBTA find it cheaper to use cars and small vans or “paratransit” for those who qualify.

The T released a statement saying it really has no choice in the matter and has to comply with federal law and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

“People who use the paratransit mode of public transportation cannot be treated differently than those who use trains or buses,” it said.

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