Thursday, April 7, 2011

Postcard Arrives At Fairfield Ohio Address 49 Years Late

Fairfield residents said Wednesday they are curious as to how a postcard from Little Rock, Ark., ended up in a pizzeria almost 50 years after it was sent.Debbie Fink, the one who found the mysterious postcard stuck in between mailers at the Donato's Pizzeria on 770 Nilles Road in Fairfield, said the postcard came from "Donald" without a last name."He (Donald) said, 'Arrived this morning, everything going fine,'" Fink said.The post card was dated 1962, with a 3-cent stamp and no zip code, Fink said."The mailman didn't say anything, didn't question it and just put it in the mailbox behind Donato's," Fink said.Jim Fink, Donato's general manager, said the address where the post card was sent has been a pizzeria since the late 1980s."I believe that a franchisee named Dave Olson built the (pizzeria)," Jim Fink said.Debbie Fink said she found out a Mr. and Mrs. Walter Foto lived at the site of the pizzeria in 1962."I would love to know the history and find out what went on. I'd love to find them (the Fotos) and give them their postcard," Debbie Fink said.For now, the Finks said the postcard remains the talk of the pizzeria's patrons.

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