Friday, May 20, 2011

Couple Asks Hospital To Apologize For Calling Children Services And Having Their Newborn Taken Away

Las Vegas, NV - A local couple is asking for an apology from Summerlin Hospital after they say their newborn baby was taken away by Child Protective Services, just hours after birth.

Baby Lilia is now two-months-old. But reliving what happened shortly after she was born, is hard for her parents, Cecilia and Lincoln Rogers.

"It's so difficult as a mom to see your baby in intensive care, where you can't even touch her, and she's hooked up to machines," Cecilia says.

But that's exactly where Lilia was taken, to be treated for jaundice.

After getting a second opinion, the couple told hospital staff they wanted their baby out of intensive care, and home with them.

"Our pediatrician told us she was fine, and that it would be okay to monitor her from home" Cecilia says. "Her levels were normal."

But the hospital contacted Child Protective Services.

Cecilia and Lincoln say a CPS Officer and security guard, came to their room at Summerlin Hospital, and threatened to arrest them if they took the baby home, even though they signed a medical release form. Lilia was kept in intensive care against their will.

Now, they want an apology, for what they had to go through. "We wrote a letter to the hospital and we're just basically waiting to hear back and get what's fair," Lincoln says.Link

Their story generated an outpouring of support, even a protest outside the hospital back in March.

"I'm constantly reminded of it by people I run into," Cecilia says. "So many moms have contacted me about it."

And the couple always responds with the advice they wish they had gotten.

"Educate yourself," Cecilia says. "Learn about jaundice levels, learn what's a safe level."

"Know what you're able to do as parents," Lincoln adds.

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