Friday, June 24, 2011

18 Month Old Overdoses On Cocaine

Police say an 18-month-old Oakland girl has been released from the hospital after she overdosed on cocaine.Capt. Rick Stubbert with the Oakland Police Department said Jillian Jones, 21, called 911 Thursday morning to say that her baby wasn't breathing.

By the time police arrived, the child was conscious and alert.Stubbert said Jones was sleeping in the same room as the child and that the father, Justin Currier, 30, was not paying close enough attention to the child when she swallowed some cocaine that was in the room.

Stubbert said a "considerable amount of time had passed" from the time the child ingested the cocaine to when Jones called for help.Currier was jailed on a probation violation and Jones was released on bail.Stubbert said Jones seemed genuinely upset by what happened, but that Currier did not.

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