Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Apple Pulls Anti-Semitic IPad App

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has agreed to the request of an Israeli official to pull an iPad app that encourages anti-Semitism.

Yuli-Yoel Edelstein, Israel's minister of public diplomacy and Diaspora affairs, wrote a letter to Jobs, asking him to take action against an app that called for a "third intifada." The app, which was also compatible with iPhones, encouraged Muslims to violently attack Israel.

"Any promotion of hate or violence should always be removed," contends Gary Ratner, senior development professional for StandWithUs. "iPad users should always assist to ensure that this is the case."

The organization that created the app also launched a Facebook group earlier this year that was removed when the social networking site discovered the group's purpose.

Even though technology and the internet create a window of opportunity for social networking and interaction, Ratner points out that "there's also a great risk, and we've got to be aware of this risk and ensure that it isn't used for nefarious purposes without infringing on people's free speech rights."

Edelstein told Jobs that the app was "disastrous" because it could have potentially brought a large number of individuals against Israel.

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