Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cross Set On Fire In Front Of Church

There is new information on a "chilling" crime in a green country community.

Now investigators with the Creek County Sheriff’s office say they know who set a cross on fire in front of a church.

It happened just last week outside St. Johns Church near Sapulpa in Creek County.

April Slavens has fond memories of many Sundays spent worshiping at the church.

But now, she says she is left with an image of a burning cross in her mind that just won’t go away.

"I had just left the house and I was heading into town and it was setting up against the fence and it was still smoking,” says April.

The image left her shocked, and so she called the sheriff’s department to report it.

“It was a wooden cross leaned up against the fence and it had white cloth leaned over against it and you could see where there were places on the ground where the cloth had fell and burnt,” she says.

Deputies found the same style of wood at a mobile home park right across the street.

“Through their interviews, they were able to find three people that were involved in it. One was an 18 year old and the other two being juveniles. Basically, they didn't have anything to do and got bored and thought that was something fun to do,” says Lt. Charles Redfern.

It’s a reality that’s hard for many in the community to believe.

“I didn't know if it was kids with nothing better to do, but it was wrong,” says April.
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