Monday, June 6, 2011

Former Homeless Teen To Graduate With Honors And Full Scholorship

Greensboro, NC -- Graduating at the top of any high school class with a GPD higher than 4.0 is a feat in itself, but one Greensboro teenager did it homeless.

Charity Azorlibu moved to the United States from Ghana when she was 15 years old for the chance at a better life.

"I was living with a family member. He promised me while I was in Ghana that when I come here, he was going to put me through school and make sure I graduate and become somebody. But when I came here, it was different," Azorlibu explain.

She soon found out the family member wanted her to support him and his three kids by working, instead of going to school. He gave her one other option -- move out.

For the next year Azorlibu attended school, but was homeless. She never told her school.

It wasn't until a comment about the principal getting to school in the early morning hours tipped off the school social worker. Azorlibu and her social worker met a woman along the way who took the teenager into her home. Azorlibu grew into a stand-out student.

Azorlibu discovered her voice in more than one language. She now speaks six different languages.

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