Thursday, June 16, 2011

'Gay' indoctrination a reality

One homosexual activist says people who live the same lifestyle he leads aim to indoctrinate and recruit young children.

In a recent opinion article titled "Can We Please Just Start Admitting That We Do Actually Want to Indoctrinate Kids," David Villarreal openly confesses that homosexual activists are pushing anti-bullying measures and pro-"gay" curriculum on children to "recruit" them. Villarreal writes that he would "very much like for many of these young boys to grow up and start [having sex with] men," and he insists that children who are not indoctrinated to accept alternate lifestyles will later become "hateful" and ignorant.

Dran Reese, director of The Salt & Light Council, laments the goal to target young children.

"This is beyond perverted and immoral; this shows that homosexuals have no good, quality intentions with children but to indoctrinate them into a perverted, sexual lifestyle," she contends.

And she says homosexual activists are "effective marketers" who have "lots of money from Hollywood" to promote their cause and tug on emotions.

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