Monday, June 13, 2011

Pentecost Day a time of joy for many churches

On June 12, my church, like many other Christian churches around the world, celebrated Pentecost Day, otherwise known as the birthday of the Christian church. To many people, this was just another Sunday, a day to sit back and watch sports or just hand around with family and friends. Nothing wrong with that. It is good to fellowship with those we love.

However, Pentecost Day for me and millions of other Christians has a more significant meaning. We commemorate Pentecost Day because we believe that the "outpouring" of the Holy Spirit on believers is just as real today, as it was in the beginning of the Christian movement. Like the days of old, many believers still seek to be filled with the Holy Spirit. It is a time of renewal, a time of seeking a closer walk with the Lord, a time of growth.

At my church, we started our celebration one week before Pentecost Day. And the week prior to that, those of us who could, met at church two days during the week for a noon-day prayer session and anointing led by our pastor, Bishop Walter H. Richardson.

For eight days leading up to Pentecost Day, we gathered at church (except Saturday), where we were refreshed with sermons, testimonials, words of admonishment, and music that must have had the angels joining in from Heaven.

Today (Monday after Pentecost Day) as I contemplate what the day means to me, I am touched just to know that I, a mortal woman, could be so loved by the Lord, that He would consider me worthy of receiving the Comforter (the Holy Spirit) in my heart and soul.

Over the years, since I first believed, I have needed the protection that only this blessed spiritual Gift could provide. It truly has been a Guide in my life, protecting me from dangers seen and unseen and surrounding me and my family with our very own angels, as we travel along life's journey.

On that first Pentecost Day, the Holy Spirit "filled" the hearts of the original 120 believers who praised and blessed God, as they sat waiting to be given The Gift. My prayer is that just as the Holy Spirit "filled" the hearts of those who waited for Him on that day, that my life will be filled with faith and good works so that I will be an inspiration to all I meet.

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