Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Rapture Preacher Harold Camping Sent To Nursing Facility After Having Stroke

Harold Camping, known for his failed May 21 rapture prediction, has been moved to a nursing facility after he was hospitalized earlier this month for a stroke, Family Radio Network said Tuesday.

"Mr. Camping has been moved to a Skilled Nursing Facility, where he is undergoing rehabilitation to regain his strength," Family Radio, where Camping serves as general manager and president, said in a special announcement posted Tuesday on its website.

"Mr. and Mrs. Camping greatly appreciate all the cards, letters and flowers they have received, as well as your continuing thoughts and prayers. God has been very merciful," the announcement stated.

Camping, 89, had suffered from a mild stroke on the evening of June 9 and was admitted into a hospital in the Oakland, Calif., area. The stroke reportedly affected his speech, causing it to slur.

Ever since his hospitalization, Family Radio has been airing old broadcasts of the Open Forum program, where Camping takes Bible-related questions live from radio listeners each weeknight. Family Radio programs are broadcast on over 100 stations throughout the U.S.

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