Wednesday, June 8, 2011

True Love in a Restaurant

In Matthew, Jesus left us with specific instructions to go and tell the whole world about Him. This not an option. It is the most important thing that we can do in life, telling someone about Jesus. Someone told me. Someone told you. Somewhere along the way most of us have forgotten that. We are to busy. We are to shy. We are just too embarrassed.

A while back, I stopped into a local eatery that I had heard about. From the instant I walked into that establishment, I knew something was different. Christian music played over the speakers and I felt at home. As I stood and looked over the menu, the owner of this place came up to the register and introduced himself. He made polite conversation, “How are you today?” and the like. After a moment he began to tell us about his menu and his business model. He went on to explain that his main items are hotdogs but he had other items as well. He showed us pictures of his selections. They were really big portions. The pictures did not lie because everyone in there had huge plates of food. I mean the hotdogs had to have at least a pound of chili on them. It was a knife and fork hotdog. As he continued, he said he served the large portions because the love of Christ is big. He shared that He only ran the restaurant; God was the real owner and encouraged us that if we did not know Christ that he strongly recommended it. Wow! I could not believe my ears. I smiled and confessed that I indeed did know Jesus. I thought to myself, “This is great”. That was not an isolated incident. He gave the same testimony to each and every customer who entered His business.

I have since become a regular at this restaurant and have heard this gentleman give this witness countless times. Yes, there have been the customers who upon hearing the name Jesus have turned and walked out but that has never stopped him from sharing Christ. I have become friends with the owner and when we have talked about this he says the money or lost business is not important. The thing that matters the most to him is that he got the chance to tell someone about Jesus. He really believes that God leads each and every person to his establishment. If they turn and walk out, he still got to plant a seed. He just prays that God will cultivate that persons heart and allow the seed that was planted to grow and maybe one day that person will come to accept Christ. Even tonight, when a homeless man entered the restaurant carrying every item that he owned, the owner did not miss a beat. Even thought the man was obviously dirty and had a pungent odor about him, Brian (the owner) talked to him and then fed the homeless man without charge. Now that is the real love of Jesus.

Just imagine what the world would be like if all of us Christians, me included, were more like Brian. How many people could we reach? How many seeds would be planted? How many souls would be brought into the kingdom? I pray that the Lord would grant me the boldness and the genuine love for others that Brian shows to every person that he encounters. Think about this story and ask God to give you that same attitude toward others. Ask Him to help you to tell someone about Jesus.

By TIM Lawson

Tell Someone Ministries

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