Monday, August 15, 2011

Merger to speed up, strengthen Bible translations

Bible League International and the World Bible Translation Center are merging to combine their strengths and to complement each other.

Bible man pointing at scriptureBible League International contributes strength in the areas of administration and relationships internationally with networks in the field, but seeks better access to translations. World Bible Translation Center focuses on easy-to-read Bible translations along with printing and publication of new Bible translations.

Robert Frank, CEO of Bible League International, says the ministries complement one another. "We don't duplicate efforts but we complement," he explains. "For example, WBTC is actively involved in translations and in the development of Christian product that serves the church. We are in the business of distributing that and being able to train the church in using those materials.”

There are now 6,000 languages in the world with 95-percent of the population speaking the top 100 languages. World Bible Translation president Eric Fellman has a goal of translating the top 100 languages of the world.

“We were on pace to do that in about 50 years. Now we're on pace to do it in about 20 more years,” says Fellman. “We've finished 30 of those languages and have 70 left to go, and so just the strength of combining with another organization puts us on a faster pace to accomplish our mission.”

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