Monday, August 1, 2011

With Anti-Semitism On The Rise In Eastern Countries Christians Have a Chance To Support Jews

(One News Now)--Olivier Melnick is an expert on anti-Semitism and the Orange County branch director of Chosen People Ministries. He sees a rise in anti-Semitism and notes that governments are slowly chipping away at the Jews' freedoms by instating regulations that prohibit them from freely exercising their religion or voicing their opinions.

He says Jews are constantly painted in a negative light by groups who want to make their lives more difficult and want to remove the freedoms that they enjoy. The expert suggests the issue is almost as bad in Europe today as it was during the Holocaust, and he warns that persecution will increase against Jews in the United States.

"Recently... Europe ... tried to pass a way that you cannot kill animals in a way kosher law requires," Melnick reports. "Those are the same laws that were originally passed at the beginning, before the Holocaust, when the Germans were trying to strip the Jews of all their rights."

But though Jewish freedoms are under attack in the United States, he contends that Christians have a chance to be the "real friends" of Israel and the Jewish people.

"There is a great opportunity for Christians today in the 21st Century to really read their Bible properly, understand what God's plan for Israel and the Jewish people is, and be friends of the Jewish people," the Chose People Ministries director urges. "Christians today have a chance to make a difference with Jewish people and change something that took place 75 years ago, when the Jews were taken to the death camps and Christians looked the other way."

Melnick concludes that the world is "desensitized to the conflict between the Jews and the Arabs" and to the persecution of the Jews in the Middle East.

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