Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Coupon Company Offering "Daily Deals" To Porn Company's Studio As Reward To Their Subscribers

ONE NEWS NOW--Morality in Media is calling for a nationwide boycott of a coupon business for offering discounts on tours of a porn studio.

Groupon, an Internet-based "daily deal" company, is offering subscribers discounted coupons for employee-led, 60-minute walking tours through a porn company's studio in San Francisco. Dawn Hawkins, executive director of Morality in Media, says her group is asking people to contact Groupon and urge it to stop supporting the porn studio Kink. Groupon, she says, should know better.

"They're just stooping to an all-time low of associating with porn companies," she laments.

What is coming out of the porn organization is dangerous, according to Hawkins. "It is extremely violent and degrading, humiliating especially to women," she describes. "The website [for Kink] advertises that they specialize in torture pornography." That company describes itself as a leader in "bondage and BDSM videos."

Hawkins says thousands have already pledged to boycott Groupon, but the company has responded to Morality in Media's inquiry by stating that the porn company gives to local youth charities so they feel Kink is an "active, good community citizen."

"Really the only way to get [Groupon] to listen is if they lose enough customers to realize that this is a big deal and that their largest customer base does not put up with the humiliation of women," states the MIM spokeswoman.

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