Friday, April 6, 2012

VLOG UPDATE: Miranda's Fight with Crohn's Disease & Gastroparesis

SEPT 14: 2011 Miranda shares about being diagnosed with Crohn's disease an incurable intestinal disease, and how it has affected her and Jeremy's life and also their ministry, over the past few months. APR 1st: 2012 I finally make it back onto a Vlog and share about how Crohn's Disease and Gastroparesis is taking a toll on my body.... hence the "Predisone Face" I have acquired from being on 2 rounds of Prednisone in a little less than 3 months to try and get the Crohn's under control. APR 6th: 2012 Miranda shares her latest battle with Crohn's, Gastroparesis and the effects the medications are having on her. Blood pressure has been very high, a trip to the ER, and 2 new medications to try and low the pulse & blood pressure. Plus a scheduled Echo-cardiogram scheduled for next week and having to wear a heart monitor for 2 days. TO CONTACT Miranda via email: OR FACEBOOK:

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