Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Delta Stops Advertising on 'Daily Show' After Anti-Christian 'Vagina Manger' Skit

( - Delta Air Lines has decided to stop sponsoring Jon Stewart’s “The Daily Show” after it aired a political skit featuring a picture of a Christian manger scene placed between a nude woman’s spread legs.
“We are constantly evaluating our advertising strategy and at this time we no longer advertise during ‘The Daily Show,’” Leslie Scott, a Delta spokesperson, told in a statement read over the phone. “Delta advertises in a variety of places in order to reach our customers and support our business. This advertising is not intended as an endorsement of any opinions expressed by these outlets.”
Scott did not specifically mention the skit in question, but it has been criticized by Christian groups. The Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights has been running a campaign for sponsors to stop advertising on the program until Stewart apologizes.
In the April 16 “Daily Show” segment dubbed ‘Vagina Manger,’ Stewart showed a picture of a naked woman with a nativity scene image placed at her crotch, between her spread legs. The image included depictions of Joseph, Mary, baby Jesus, and an angel. (Click here to see image -- Warning: Graphic.)


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