Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Moms Protesting JCPenny For Using Sexual Preference To Sell Clothes

OneMillionMoms is revisiting an issue with JC Penney, this time contacting the retailer about featuring lesbian partners in its May catalogue. The American Family Association advocacy group is again requesting neutrality.

The pro-family organization initially spoke out against JC Penney's decision to have Ellen DeGeneres, a high-profile homosexual entertainer, as its spokesperson (see earlier story). Now, executive director Monica Cole points to pages 10 and 11 of the retailer's latest catalogue, which are titled "Freedom of Expression."

"What is the purpose in stating on page 11 of their most recent catalogue that Wendy and Maggie are 'partners?'" she wonders. "Identifying sexual preferences is not necessary for selling clothes."
In the catalogue, the women are both wearing wedding rings and are pictured with two girls who are identified as their daughters. Cole predicts that will not go over well with the retailer's supporters.

"Conservative families will not support JC Penney if they choose to be advocates for the homosexual agenda," she asserts. "Sales will suffer if JC Penney's corporate office continues to ignore our concerns."

Meanwhile, the OneMillionMoms executive director is certain the company's homosexual supporters will voice their approval of the catalogue. So she says it is time for conservative customers to once again contact local store managers to object.

"OneMillionMoms believes there is such a thing as bad publicity," Cole concludes.

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