Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Christian Publicly Forgives Man Who Murdered Wife, Daughter

Arturo Martinez-Sanchez was left for dead after attackers viciously beat him with a hammer. His wife and 10-year-old daughter were murdered in the random home invasion.
But, citing his Christian faith, Martinez-Sanchez is choosing to forgive.
The 39-year-old says his faith has made it possible to forgive the killer, who perpetrated what local police call one of the most heinous crimes in memory.
Immediately following the vicious attack on Martinez-Sanchez, the alleged killer, Bryan Clay, 22, turned to Yadira Martinez, 38, and Karla, 10, raping both and bludgeoning them to death with the same claw hammer that left the family patriarch semi-comatose and unable to speak.
“As a believer in Christ, I know that God forgives all the sins of those who have faith in Him. In this, I am instructed to forgive first,” Martinez-Sanchez says.
“Knowing that God will forgive murderers if there is true repentance, Bryan Clay will stand in judgment before Him. It is my prayer that my wife, Yadira, and my daughter, Karla, are in heaven waiting for my sons and me to arrive to spend eternity with them. In fact, I know this is true.”


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