Friday, August 31, 2012

Anti-Poverty Activist: American Church a 'Sleeping Giant' on Poverty Issue

An anti-poverty activist who is a leader in an international organization focused on eliminating poverty believes that American churches are a "sleeping giant" on the issue.

Jason Fileta, director of Micah Challenge USA, told The Christian Post that while American churches do much to fight poverty, their voice on the issue needs to be heard.
"I think that the American church is almost a sleeping giant that needs to be awakened because American Christians are powerful enough to elect a president," said Fileta.
"Whoever our leader is, whoever ends up being the leader we want them to know that this matters deeply to us."
Fileta believes that American churches do much good on the issue of combating poverty, noting the many benefits of "mission trips" that provide a "very personal response that also includes giving."
"I think that the church at large in America has done well to respond with financial support, prayer, and relational support," said Fileta. "I do believe though that as a church we have not yet used our powerful collective voice to influence power structures."

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