Monday, August 27, 2012

Church Closes Doors on Sunday and Becomes the Great Commission: Trading the good word for good deeds

Sherri Kadlec won't be attending Hillside Church of Bloomington on Sunday, but she'll still be at church. She'll just be picking up litter strewn around school yards and parks as a form of service.
Kadlec's church and four other congregations in Bloomington are canceling regular worship services to do charitable works in an effort to show they're living out the do-good messages they preach.
Nearly 1,000 people from Bethany, Emmaus, Evergreen, Garden Community and Hillside evangelical churches plan to help their neighbors by painting houses, picking up trash, cleaning school playgrounds and public parks, offering free vehicle oil changes to single parents and hosting a basketball clinic.

"It's kind of breaking the mold, getting outside of the church and connecting with people," said Carl Nelson, president of Transform Minnesota, a network of nearly 160 evangelical churches helping to organize the event. "We're really serious about our faith and willing to step out and just simply serve people, no strings attached."


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