Thursday, August 30, 2012

Homeless Christians give $69.40 to missions

BURLINGTON, Vt. (BP) -- A $69.40 offering by a group of homeless Christians in Vermont reminds a local Baptist leader of the widow's two mites that Jesus commended in the Gospels. Terry Dorsett, director of the Green Mountain Baptist Association, has a new perception of the homeless because of the gift to the association's mission offering for starting new churches and meeting church financial emergencies.

Dorsett has asked the financially able among the association's 35 churches to match the donation. "... [T]here's a whole subculture of homeless Christians ... just trying to live for the Lord." -- Terry Dorsett, Baptist leader in Vermont

 "I think we tend to think of homeless people just as being a bunch of addicts and people with problems," Dorsett said. "And then while that does describe many homeless people, there's a whole subculture of homeless Christians who obviously don't have those problems and they're just trying to live for the Lord in a different lifestyle setting than most of us might choose.


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