Wednesday, August 29, 2012


The porn industry is terrified of a proposed CA initiative to crack down on sex traffickers, which others are lauding as the much-needed tool to protect victims of human trafficking. Why is this? The porn industry claims their activities are completely consensual and between adults. So, I ask, why aren't they fighting to protect trafficking victims and trafficked minors? Instead, their trade publication is editorializing against the new law and even hoping for a re-write.

Since sex trafficking of women and children is indeed regularly happening in the porn industry, they are terrified of these new penalties!

Learn more about the CA Initiative the porn industry is so against:

The handout from The Pink Cross Foundation about trafficking in the industry:

The article from the porn industry:

Research article from Dr. Donna Hughes -- "Sex Trafficking of Women for the Production of Pornography" -

Other peer-reviewed research articles, news and opinion articles about the links between pornography and trafficking:

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