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New Book Helps Christians Argue Well About the Most Politically Charged Topics

ATLANTA, Aug. 30, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- Memory Melody Gardner's new book, Christianity and Politics ($14.99, paperback; $7.49, e-book) explains from a biblical perspective why our Democracy and every other world government system is not, and will never, be Christian. The irreversible decision made by the leaders of Israel over three thousand years ago to be ruled and protected by an earthly king, instead of God, sealed our fate (I Sam. 8). No longer would we have God to protect and take care of us; we would have a worldly 'king' govern us.

"Christianity and Politics" Pastor James T. Roberson, III, of Blueprint Church, Atlanta, GA confronts the idolization of our government. Melody objectively, biblically, and with detail dissects the relevant issues of our day. Pastors on both sides of the political aisle will be challenged by reading this book.

According to the Prophet Samuel, this worldly king would force their sons to fight battles and wars, whether just or unjust, and make them slaves to ensure his life was comfortable and prosperous. An earthly king would take their very best produce and labor for his advancement. This kind of king would place a tax burden on the Israelites so severe, they would not be any better off financially than a slave; all to support his extensive bureaucracy. Then God told Samuel that the day would come when "the Israelites would call out for relief from this king, but He would not hear and respond to their plea."

Does this description of worldly kings not sound eerily familiar to world leaders today? God's warning about earthly kings even sounds similar to what our leaders under our democratic rule do to its citizens! In Christianity and Politics, Ms. Gardner helps Christians define from the Bible what is moral and immoral. She explains God's view on taking care of "the least of these" and why we must be our brother's keeper. Ms. Gardner explains the debate around embryonic stem cell research and abortion as she discusses life: where it is found and when it begins. She talks at length regarding same-sex marriage (SSM), and how we as Christians, Jews and like-minded citizens can douse the flame blazing the trail to legalize SSM over night.

"It's my hope," states Ms. Gardner, "that Christianity and Politics will be a resource for Christians to help Christians argue well the issues pertaining to politics and its role in our lives. The purpose of this book is not to persuade people to choose one political direction over another, but to remind us as Christians that being 'salt' & 'light' in our conversations and interactions with one another is paramount to God."

Melody Gardner is a Dallas Theological Seminary graduate, a former senior leader with Campus Crusade for Christ (Cru) and The Impact Movement for eighteen years on college campuses and at the national headquarters. She witnessed college students shift from knowing there was absolute right and wrong to right and wrong being relative. Consequently, she heard young Christians ask, "How can I tell another how to live?" Christianity and Politics answers this question. Ms Gardner, now heads a nonprofit organization called Hesed Consulting, assisting other nonprofit organizations to remain IRS compliant, financially sustainable and human resource viable.

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