Friday, September 21, 2012

AJARG Launches Bully Interventions

ORANGEBURG, S.C., Sept. 21, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- AJARG (A Journey Ahead Representing God) announced today the launch of its Bully Intervention Technology Group. BITG was created to provide victims of bullying with the most effective first line resource to interrupt continuing attacks along with facilitating appropriate counseling. The service is immediately available in South Carolina and will be available nationwide in early 2013. The division seeks to make the service available worldwide by the end of 2013.

Bully Interventions' Bully Support System (BSS) is a technologically advanced multi-platform application that significantly exceeds the performance of any bully intervention program in the world. The two key components of BSS the proprietary Therapeutic Short Messaging Service (TSMS) and a staff of highly trained bully counseling professionals.

TSMS, initially was developed for children with serious emotional disturbances from birth to age of majority and for children who have had diagnosable mental, behavioral, and/or emotional disorders.

In late 2011, the parent company, EdStar Wireless Corporation, an AJARG, division influenced by a 2005 severe bullying attack on the CEO's daughter, began to explore ways that TSMS technology could possibly play a role in assisting victims of bullying.

The service and technology was created to provide a more pragmatic approach to bullying in U.S. schools. The fact is that bullying still remains a harsh reality, very often with life time consequences for many students, and has been under addressed by technology companies. This was quite disturbing to the CEO of the EdStar Wireless Corp.

As a result, the company began to explore plausible methods that could provide assistive technology to improve early intervention merged with high quality bully victim counseling. Due to the fact most school systems are already experiencing budgetary shortfalls, the service had to be developed to help districts lower expenses as well.

With the input of several school psychologist, a board certified psychiatrist and a former criminal court judge, a very unique service was developed that has shown extraordinary results in their internal clinical trials.

Perhaps the most significant aspect of the Bully Interventions service is that it allows bullying victims to report incidents without embarrassment, fear of exposure of reporting, breaches in confidentiality, low self esteem, or fear of reprisals from the bully.

The most phenomenal aspect of the service is that students utilize it without much apprehension due to the anonymous nature of reporting an incident and the ease at which an incident can be reported.

A brief overview of the service may be viewed at YouTube (2013 "Crying Alone"),, or

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