Friday, September 7, 2012

College students struggle to remain close to God

China (MNN) ― Last month, we shared how English camps opened doors for the Gospel in China. Teams working with China Partner at the two-week Hua Mei Summer English camp demonstrated God's love and mercy to 110 Chinese youth. Several teens came to Christ as a result.

Now as college-age team members return to school, God is taking a backseat to homework and part-time jobs. Sophia,* a teaching assistant at the Hua Mei summer camps, attends college in Shanghai and shared her struggles to maintain a close relationship with Christ.

"I am always so busy; I get up early for classes, then I study in the library," she said. "After dinner I study some more…. By that time, I am so exhausted that I just want to go to bed and sleep.
"How can I spend more time with God?"

Do you face similar struggles? Share your story on the Mission Network News Facebook page. You can help college-age believers worldwide draw closer to the Lord.


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