Thursday, September 20, 2012

War on Football: TX School District Bans Christian Banners at Football Games

Just months before the annual War on Christmas is slated to kick-off, atheist activists are tackling yet another target — football. TheBlaze has covered a number of stories involving non-believers and their campaign to eradicate any semblance of religion from public high school and college teams. In the latest example, Kountze Independent School District has officially banned run-through banners that contain religious messages — an act that has set off a firestorm of controversy.

According to Fox 33, the trouble started after cheerleaders in the city of Kountze came up with the idea to add Bible verses to banners after attending a cheer camp. The words of encouragement were intended to inspire the football team, but following a complaint, the district’s superintendent Kevin Weldon has banned any and all religious-themed designs.

KSNW-TV has more:

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