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FaithVillage Launches with 50 Shades of Evangelicalism

Unique Social Media Site Offers Content, Connection, Commerce for Today's Diverse Evangelical Community
PLANO, Texas, Oct. 8, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- FaithVillage.com throws open its virtual doors Oct. 8 inviting an increasingly diverse community of evangelical Christians into a unique social media site for individuals, churches and related organizations. FaithVillage will be the premiere online home for the Christian community with its relevant, vetted content; resources for spiritual development; trustworthy products; and plenty of room to connect online in public or private groups.
"Quite simply, there is no other web address for Christians like FaithVillage.com," said Brad Russell, senior editor and COO. "The driving vision is to provide a vibrant online community that expands personal faith, fosters robust sharing of the best ministry resources and deepens collaboration among Christian causes."
Evangelical Christians comprise the largest group of people who claim a religious affiliation in the United States--about 26 percent of U.S. adults, according to the Pew Forum. But many people--often including the media--see evangelicals as a monolithic bloc of like-minded individuals sharing opinions on politics, science and world affairs. The truth is, as PatrolMag.com editor Jonathan Fitzgerald has said, "It's more like there are shades of evangelicalism."
FaithVillage.com creates the one place online where evangelicals from various backgrounds can meet in a safe environment to share, learn and grow. At the recent Religion Newswriters Association annual conference, Russell led a panel discussion--50 Shades of Evangelicalism--geared toward helping journalists understand the diversity among evangelical Christians. In addition to Fitzgerald, the panel featured Robert Jones, CEO and president of Public Religion Research; Patton Dodd, executive editor of Bondfire Books; and Christianity Today Online Editor Sarah Pulliam Bailey.
FaithVillage.com leverages emerging social media technologies to provide a safe, encouraging online space for people of faith to connect, collaborate and share ideas. It offers a shared publishing platform where a variety of content producers, book publishers, church resource organizations, causes and churches can work together to create mutual benefit and serve broader faith-related purposes. Beginning in fall 2012, the site will also feature an online bookstore as the first of several e-commerce venues. The result is a sustainable online media model providing free services to users and churches while offering significant value to content partners and sponsors.
"FaithVillage.com fills needs of the faith community unmet by Facebook," Russell said. "While research indicates Christians enjoy engaging with the general online world, many also seek a faith-friendly online space where like-minded believers can gather and share their Christian experience."
Designed for Christians active on social media in the 18 to 44 age range, a world-class development staff crafted the site after three years of planning and testing. Its novel "virtual village" design creates simple, visually appealing navigation. Behind the virtual "buildings" awaits a bounty of content and connectivity. A few examples of FaithVillage's buildings, intersections and gathering places:

  • Personal Social 'Loft' Space--Individuals, groups, churches and organizations, can create a social "loft" where they can post photos, videos and audio, network blogs and feature articles; "like" and share information; share calendars and hosted files; and enjoy a newsfeed of activity from others they follow.
  • FaithVillage Newsstand--Relevant, timely news and information from a variety of sources plus original content.
  • Grove Theater--Videos from site members; Christian artists and musicians; churches and ministry organizations.
  • JavaJuice Blog House--Bloggers on a range of topics.
  • Over 20 thematic buildings serving as content channels for leadership, youth, collegiates, moms, faith & culture and more.

A non-profit organization, FaithVillage.com offers its content free to everyone. Content Partners and advertisers help support FaithVillage.com with sponsorships and ad spending in exchange for branded pages and advertising, all approved by FaithVillage staff and relevant to FaithVillage members.
For more information, to take a tour or to sign up, which takes only minutes, visit: FaithVillage.com
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