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'Forgotten Christmas' Provides Free Church Resources to Bring Home True Meaning of Holiday

Key is Sharing Christ with, Ministering to 'the Least of These'
CARROLLTON, Texas, Oct. 17, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- Free resources for pastors to help their churches remember the true meaning of Christmas and rediscover the gospel's true message of reaching and caring for "the least of these" are now available from "Forgotten Christmas" (
Click here to watch "Forgotten Christmas" 2012 video.

The 2012 "Forgotten Christmas" campaign is under way to empower pastors and church members to take a concrete step to reach and support their brothers and sisters in need during the holiday season.

"The meaning of Christmas in the West unfortunately has been lost in so much materialism every year, even by Christians," said K. P. Yohannan, founder and president of Gospel for Asia, sponsor of "Forgotten Christmas." "'Forgotten Christmas' is helping Christ-followers remember the priceless gift of the gospel and 'the least of these,' who have yet to hear it or have newly welcomed it."

Many American Christians seem to have forgotten what the true meaning of Christmas is about. Even more have forgotten the most downtrodden and persecuted peoples around the world. "Forgotten Christmas" is especially committed to caring for "the least of these" in South Asia, a particularly overlooked region.

The free annual video produced by "Forgotten Christmas" helps pastors raise awareness about the consumerism that is smothering the true spirit of the holiday. Pastors can use the video in their sermons or programming to help refocus their congregations' perspective.

Last year more than $500 billion was spent on Christmas. If even 1 percent of that spending was redirected, it could provide a bible for every person around the world, clean water for everybody in India, Sri Lanka and Nepal, or 400,000 church buildings for needy congregations in the third world.

This year's video reminds viewers that amid the sparkly "giftapaloozas" -- even at church gatherings -- the key to Christmas is in sharing Christ, one gift at a time.

The 2012 "Forgotten Christmas" video, as well as those from previous years, is available free for download at or on a DVD from Gospel for Asia at

Free gift catalogs also give Christians a variety of giving opportunities, including purchasing sewing machines and livestock and supporting literacy education in needy areas. Pastors can distribute these catalogs to help their churches take the next step in recapturing the true meaning of Christmas. One hundred percent of funds sent through the catalog go to help those in need and to mission work. Not one cent is used for administrative expenses in the West.

To receive free videos, catalogs and church kits containing other promotional materials, visit

"Forgotten Christmas" ( was established in 2010 to help Christians rediscover the true meaning of Christmas in giving to others in need. Since that time, their videos and catalogs have been used by hundreds of churches to challenge Christians to give to "the least of these" in South Asia.

Gospel for Asia (GFA), a Christian mission organization based in Carrollton, Texas, has brought the "good news" of Christ to millions in South Asia since its founding in 1978. GFA plants 14 fellowships a day and supports thousands of mission workers and assemblies among these forgotten groups. Thousands of young men and women -- natives of the countries they will serve -- are undergoing training for mission work at 67 GFA-supported Bible colleges throughout the region. In addition, GFA provides education, meals and healthcare to tens of thousands of South Asia's impoverished children through its Bridge of Hope program. For more information, visit or the ministry's Facebook page.

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