Monday, October 8, 2012

Greg Laurie Answers 'Why All This Chaos in Middle East?'

IRVINE, Calif. – Pastor Greg Laurie of Harvest Christian Fellowship church took the opportunity during his Sunday sermon series on the book of Revelation to talk about the current events in the Middle East as it relates to Bible prophecy. He also pointed to the controversy during the Democratic National Convention over the party's vote on including Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in its platform as highly ironic.

"It seems like every time you turn around there's another outbreak of violence or at least a threat of one," Laurie said during last Sunday's sermon shared at his two Southern California churches in Riverside and Orange County. "Iranian president Ahmadinejad has repeatedly called for the destruction of both the nation Israel and the United States and recently stood before the members of the U.N. speaking of an Islamic messiah and a new world order that is coming. Haven't I heard this before?"
Laurie then described events in the Middle East that were perhaps misinterpreted by some people at first.
"Of course, we all know [about] that tragic attack against our embassy in Libya by terrorists in a pre-planned attack on the anniversary of 9/11 and the murder of ambassador Chris Stevens," the pastor, also known for his evangelistic Harvest Crusades, said. "We know it was pre-planned because of the heavy weaponry they brought in and the fact that they knew where his safe house was that he fled to and then killed him in cold blood.
"If you thought the war on terrorism was done wake up, because after these riots broke out the crowds were chanting for the benefit of the cameras, 'Take a picture Obama. We're all Osama.' So it doesn't end with the killing of Osama bin Laden. It continues on."
Laurie continued, "Then, there's the Arab Spring and many thought that was going to change the climate in the Middle East, but instead of it being a hopeful sign we found it to be a Trojan horse for Islamic extremism through the so-called Muslim Brotherhood."

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