Wednesday, October 3, 2012

How Hookers for Jesus Founder Turned Away From Sex Trade to Serving God

Annie Lobert worked for 16 years in the sex industry, battled cancer and got into drugs. But when she called out to Jesus from death's door, she found her Savior and the vision to comfort thousands of other victims of sex trade. She shares how she became "a virgin in Christ" in a new video on

Dressed in black and seated on a white couch, the 44-year-old founder of Hookers For Jesus appears in the nearly 14-minute video on the website that features the testimonies of personal struggle and transformation of celebrities and everyday people. She recalls she felt "I'll never ever be clean."
She had seen hardships since she was a girl. Raised in an abusive family, she turned to boys at school to find some self-worth. "I met this boy in school that stole my heart. He told me that if I slept with him that we'd get married... And when I found out that he was sleeping with several of my best girlfriends, it was such a shock to me," she says, as she narrates her story with emotions.
After graduation, Lobert moved away from home to Minneapolis. She was 18. "I had to work three jobs to have my own place and buy a car." She thought if she had nice clothes and went to the clubs, "maybe I could meet a rich guy that would sweep me off my feet and would take care of me like a prince would." She thought money was the answer to the "deep seated, rooted unforgiveness towards my dad, towards that boy in school. I just wanted revenge."
The lure of money pulled her into prostitution. During a vacation from her jobs, one night "I actually sold myself with my girlfriend to some Japanese clients and I became a prostitute." She wasn't happy with $3.47 an hour any longer "once I found out that I could make hundreds if not thousands of dollars, selling myself. $500 per hour with no attachment, no relationship, $1000 per hour, now it was $2000 per hour, it gave me this immense power and if you wanted me for the night it was $10,000."
One day, Lobert met a man at a club where she was a dancer. He claimed he was falling in love with her, and she thought she had found her prince. He took her to Las Vegas, where she learned he was actually a pimp. "He choked me. He threw me on the porch on my knees and he started kicking me. 'This is pimping 'B.' I am just choking on my own blood. 'You're going to work for me.' He's punching me in my face. 'I do not know what you thought what time it is, but what time it is now you're going to pay me.' My nose broke, my ribs broke. It was like I was looking at the devil. The prince turned dark. 'And if you try to leave, I'll kill you.'"

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