Friday, October 12, 2012

Pray Vote It Matters

CLEBURNE, Texas, Oct. 12, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- Karen Spillman, America Coordinator for Lighthouse Intercessors and Cleburne Texas Coordinator for National Day of Prayer Task Force, submits the following and is available for comment:

I recently learned of a campaign asking Christians to not vote or to write Jesus in as the candidate. The government of a nation is a reflection of its culture. Like many, for much of my life I called myself a Christian but I allowed the culture to influence my decisions. Most of my priorities and the things I valued were not things valued by God. If I bothered to vote, my focus was a leaders personality, if I liked them or not, and what I thought they could do for me. I was more interested in doing what was politically correct than what my Lord said. There was a disconnect between what I said I believed and how I voted. I ignored and rationalized foundational beliefs of candidates, political parties, and organizations diametrically opposed to the Bible and my faith.

Unfortunately our nation is seeing the effects of Christians not voting or voting for candidates who do not represent the values our nation was founded upon. In every race one candidate will win. We have a choice regarding who wins. If we choose not to speak our voice will not be heard.

We are here to influence our culture. The church is to be the moral compass for a nation. Estimates say the US has 60 million committed Christians, but about 30 million of them vote in any given election. In the 2008 elections, the voting margin in Missouri between the 2 presidential candidates was 3,903 votes. In Missouri there are approximately 102, 522 Christians who did not register to vote. Every presidential election in the last 25 years has been won by less than 10 million votes. What would happen if 30 million newly registered Christians voted in this next election? It could impact this election and help turn our nation.

It is time for the church to stand. Christians must speak the truth in love and show love by our actions. Please vote for candidates that lead our Cities, States and nation toward Life, true justice and freedom for all. Please pray and vote. Please encourage others to vote. This election will be decided by the Christians. If we show up and vote for the candidates whose platforms most closely reflect Godly values then we will win. If we don't, we will get more of the same.

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