Thursday, October 18, 2012

Scientists Say They’ve Developed a Pill to Erase Memories While You Sleep

Sometimes in one’s life, there are moments that you may wishes to forget. For the more than 7.7 million patients suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, this wish could not be more apparent.
With researchers long trying to find techniques and medications to help mitigate some of the effects for those with PTSD, scientists at Stanford University think they’ve developed a way to manipulate these fears without having to dredge up the painful memories as some techniques currently require.
The researchers announced their findings a study with mice at the at the Society for Neuroscience, according to Nature. They believe their research could ultimately lead to an ability to erase memories, or at least the negative response to certain memories, while a patient is sleeping.

Nature states that some therapy to help patients face their fears include repeatedly recalling a memory in a “safe” environment where a psychiatrist or other physician can help them begin to control the effects of triggers that call up the painful thoughts. Lead Author Asay Rolls is reported as saying this technique can lead to PTSD relapse as patients might begin to associate the positive effects with being in the psychiatrist’s office.


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