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Revival Hits Los Angeles Like Tidal Wave with Evangelist Verna Linzey Sunday Night

PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 26, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- A daughter of the Azusa Street Revival and Mission, 93-year-old evangelist, Dr. Verna Linzey, preached on the baptism with the Holy Spirit at another revival and mission in Los Angeles called Global Covenant Church, where a new move of the Holy Spirit erupted. An awakening occurred and five Filipinos and Americans burst into speaking in tongues as the Holy Spirit moved and gave them utterance while Verna Linzey was ministering on the stage. The mission is pastored by a Japanese woman, Rev. Alice Tanaka.
Photo: 93-year-old Evangelist Verna Linzey ministering in Los Angeles mission Sunday
This was the third time the mission invited Rev. Linzey to speak. The services are characterized by a lack of structure an earnest quest for an encounter with the Holy Spirit as those who arrive at any hour seek the Holy Spirit. The services go on for up to 3 hours as they wait on the Spirit.
Tonight, Verna Linzey did not characterize Pentecostal poverty of 100 years ago. Instead, wearing a lavish white dress, as characteristic of other prominent female television evangelists Amie Semple McPherson and Kathryn Kuhlman, with rhinestones around the collar and cuffs and matching ear rings, and flaming red hair like that of Lucille Ball who was involved in the Charismatic Movement, Verna Linzey epitomized the glitz and glamour of well-to-do modern Pentecostals. Verna herself came from notoriety out of Coffeyville, Kansas, the state giving rise to the Pentecostal Movement. Her uncle William Hall was a prominent doctor and businessman laying the foundation of the future of Coffeyville.
The revival tonight was sparsely attended by about 30 people a-thirst for an intimate spiritual encounter with God. Pentecostal outpourings are characterized by the unpredictable. Historically, these are the kinds of spiritual climates where spiritual sparks are ignited by a combination of humility, openness to the Holy Spirit, and leaving time constraints outside the church door upon entering. "This is a new beginning," said Rev. Tanaka.
Verna Linzey, one of Pentecostalism's leading television evangelists and writers on glossolalia, is a tremendous contributor to the Pentecostal Movement. She authored the widely-read book "The Baptism with the Holy Spirit," "Spirit Baptism: Understanding Pentecostal Theology," and is co-editor of "Baptism in the Spirit" with her son Evangelist Jim Linzey.

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