Friday, November 9, 2012

Youth Group Hopes to Collect 20,000 Bibles to Help Pastors, Evangelists, and Missionaries

The fingerprints of those participating in a "huge" youth-led Bible drive this holiday season will travel across the globe, according to the Rev. Jason Woolford, executive director of Christian Resources International.
A youth group of SonRise Church hopes to donate 20,000 Bibles by Dec. 20 to the Fowler-ville-based nonprofit.
"We just wanted to do something to get the name of God out there," said Jordan Belanger, 14, whom the Rev. Patrick Erck credits with the idea.
Erck, a youth and student pastor of the church, said the Bibles will be distributed by the nonprofit in Africa and India. They will be used by pastors, evangalists and missionaries who don't have access to such Christian support materials.
"We're reclaiming used literature, so it helps the environment while helping to boost literacy," Erck said.


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