Monday, December 31, 2012

Culture 2012: Year in Review

It was a monumental year on many fronts -- ranging from President Barack Obama's reelection, the unexpected death of well-known artist Thomas Kincaid, Superstorm Sandy's wrath in the Northeast, and the unforgettable massacre in Newton, Connecticut.

Death of Thomas Kincade
Shockwaves circulated across the country in April regarding the sudden death of the artist known as the "Painter of Light." Upon Thomas Kinkade's death from an accidental overdose of alcohol and Valium, fans discovered a life filled with darkness and a journey littered with grief and brokenness.
Regardless of the shadowy elements of the painter's life, Mel Bilbo, owner of the Thomas Kinkade Signature Gallery in Branson, Missouri, said the store was deluged with shoppers.
"It's a sad time for many people," he told OneNewsNow, "but at the same time, they're reflecting on how instrumental he was in making art something for … a lot of people. He touched the heartstrings of so many."


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