Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Power of Being Unstoppable in Christ

Unstoppable. This is a very powerful statement. Some top motivational speakers and celebrities out there are sharing to their audiences how to become unstoppable.

Since the global economic crisis people have realized that even the strongest and motivated business icons had been affected, and some badly hurt. The world then says we can get through this one day at a time and we will become victorious and move forward. But subconsciously if their happiness and fulfillment in life was and is derived from material things, they will get through but will admit that they were a little happier when they had more.
Here is the difference between hope with Jesus and hope without Jesus. Hope without Jesus is waiting for your position or circumstance to change. To be waiting and hoping that someday things aren't how they are now. There is nothing wrong with waiting for a miracle, but some miracles don't always come.
Life without Jesus is a life without purpose. Hope and purpose in this world is living as best as you can and maybe having life that gives back. But simply giving back isn't purpose, it's a branch of purpose but it is not the trunk or root of the tree. At my funeral, if one said, "Nick was a generous person," trust me I won't be doing cartwheels in my coffin. Recognition from people is never and never will be a goal. Some people strive for that respect or honor. Living a life to just reach for the position and status is vanity and sin. Yes my book titled Unstoppable was on the New York Times bestseller list. I praise God for that as it is a sign that people are enjoying it, reading it and being touched. Touched not by me, but by God Himself through the book.

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